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The Venom movie has been quiet on the news front for a few months now, which has fans worried about the project. Well, worry no more, as a recent announcement may have just hinted at the state of the film... and it all has to do with Eddie Brock.

Brock is one of the two most recognizable hosts of the Venom symbiote (the other one being Flash Thompson). Despite that, he's not used the black goo in years. Since their separation, the alien has bonded with several characters in the comics, most recently with Lee Price.

Lee Price's Venom [Credit: Marvel]
Lee Price's Venom [Credit: Marvel]

Price essentially made the Venom name be synonymous with "villain" once again. And even though this was 's way of returning the character to his murderous roots, fans were not very happy with this direction.

Which is why fans who disliked Venom's return to evil should be happy today, because their favorite reporter-turned-murderous-psychopath-turned-antihero is returning. Marvel announced that Eddie Brock will be gooing-up as Venom once again in April in Venom #6:

Venom's 29th anniversary is in May, so this move is likely to align with that. So, what does this have to do with the endlessly-in-development movie, you ask? Well, it raises a single but important question...

Could Marvel Be Teasing A Venom Movie With Eddie Brock's Return?

Marvel always likes to promote upcoming movies by reflecting its storylines and characters in their comic books. When Guardians of the Galaxy was announced, the House of Ideas pushed the characters into the spotlight to make audiences more familiar with the ragtag group of a-holes.

When was revealed to be coming to the MCU, Marvel announced a new comic book series that reimagined the character's early years as a crimefighter. It was a clear effort to tie into what was unfolding in the movie universe, in which we have a much younger version of Peter Parker than we've ever seen before in live-action:

'Spidey' [Credit: Marvel]
'Spidey' [Credit: Marvel]

Could the same be happening with Venom? Well, it's possible Brock is just coming back for one issue, but judging from Marvel's enthusiastic tweet, it doesn't look like it. So, short answer: Yes.

Venom might not be as recognizable to general audiences as he is to comic book fans, so it makes sense Marvel would tie the identity of the villain/antihero back to its original host () in order to give new fans an easy entrance into the protagonist. If that is indeed the case, it would mean Sony are going with Eddie Brock for their protagonist. But...

Is 'Venom' Even At A Real Stage In Development?

'Spider-Man 3' [Credit: Sony]
'Spider-Man 3' [Credit: Sony]

Let's take a look: Sony has been trying to get a spin-off off the ground for... well, a long time. As the years went by, nothing seemed to be happening, so the project faded into obscurity until early 2016, when it was announced that writers had been hired to pen the script, which fans hoped would be better than how they completely botched the character in Spider-Man 3. But at least we got this scene out of it to tease us of what might have been and could be:

Considering the project's track record, having a writer might not seem like much, but in October of last year, Tom Rothman - Chairman of Sony Picture's Entertainment's Motion Picture Group - revealed the state of the project during an interview with Collider:

"We're working on lots of that stuff, and there's a concerted effort now. I think there will be... real news as opposed to speculative news before too long."

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Overall, it looks like the film is shaping up slowly, so could Eddie's retaking of the symbiote in the comic books be an intentional move to prep us for a Venom movie? Absolutely. Sony may not be far along in development to, say, begin production, but considering their new partnership with Marvel, it's possible Eddie's return is just the first step into getting Venom into the live-action spotlight.


Is Eddie Brock's return as Venom in the comics teasing his solo film?


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