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I'm a big movie fan, and an even bigger Superhero/comic book fan
Josh Davis

Following The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Marvel has four movies set in the MCU, on of which is Ant-Man. The other three have yet to be revealed. What will they be? Who will star in them? Here's what I think

  • Ant-Man So this one's already been revealed, but who should play him? My pick is . He's perfect for the role, both in looks and acting style. Sure, he's been in a DC film, but he's not the first to cross over. Both and have.

  • Black Panther This movie needs to happen. Black Panther is one of my favorite Marvel Heroes. He's basically the Batman of Marvel, only he's also a king. Wakanda was already referenced in Iron Man 2, and Vibranium has been mentioned. Now, who should play him? I choose . Most known for playing The Haitian in Heroes, I think he has the perfect voice and build for the part.

  • Doctor Strange Doctor Strange is a key part of the Marvel Universe, and with so many rumors going around about it, I'd be surprised if we don't see him on the big screen. I think would be perfect. As for playing Ra's Al Ghul, see my Ant-Man post.

  • Heroes For Hire Luke Cage/Power Man and Iron Fist, known as the Heroes For Hire. These two offer a unique take on Superheroes, to keep things fresh. Iron Fist is a bit on the mystical side, so the Doctor Strange movie would be the perfect set-up. As for casting, Iron Fist should be played by , and Power-Man by .

  • Do you agree with these choices? What are your thoughts?


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