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Releasing in IMAX theatres on September 1st, 's Inhumans will finally introduce us to the Royal Family of the Inhumans. We don't really know what to expect — a fish-out-of-water story starring Black Bolt? A Game of Thrones-inspired battle for power between Black Bolt and his brother? Marvel's deliberately keeping quiet about the details, but today they began their promotional push for the show.

The First Poster Is Out!

Released on Twitter! [Credit: ABC]
Released on Twitter! [Credit: ABC]

Released on Twitter with the tagline "Beyond Humanity," this poster teases a symbol that will be very familiar to old-school Marvel fans; it's typically associated with the headpiece worn by Black Bolt. Confirming what we'd learned from set photos, it promises to bring the Inhuman Royal Family — Black Bolt in particular — face-to-face with the inhabitants of Earth.

Of course, Marvel's been developing the idea of the Inhumans over in since 2014. The world of the is no stranger to the idea of Terrigenesis and empowered Inhumans; after all, Terrigen has polluted the world's water supply and fish stocks, triggering random transformations among those who've inherited an Inhuman gene. We already know that some of these NuHumans (as they're known in the comics) will appear in the series, so it's likely Inhumans will tie into this ongoing narrative. That would fit nicely with the tagline.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this poster, though, is how comic-book-accurate it is. This is a pretty faithful recreation of Black Bolt's classic logo; it reinforces the message Marvel fans have been hearing for months, that Inhumans may be remarkably faithful to the source material.

The First Marketing Push

Inhumans is possibly the most important Marvel TV series this year; the company has invested a lot of time and money into building up strong partnerships to produce it. has partly funded the project, and the series is being filmed with IMAX cameras; the first two episodes will air at IMAX cinemas worldwide before the full series broadcasts on ABC in Fall 2017.

To make the series, Marvel has transformed a 3,700-acre former Naval facility on the Hawaiian island of Oahu into a production base. According to the Pacific Business Review:

"The entire production is expected to create hundreds of jobs in the Isle film industry as well as pump between $80 million and $100 million annually into the state’s economy, rivaling and even surpassing such Hawaii-filmed TV series such as ABC’s 'Lost,' and CBS’ current series 'Hawaii Five-0.'"

Notice that the production is expected to benefit the state's economy annually, strongly suggesting that Marvel is already looking ahead to Season 2 (and possibly beyond). It's clear that all three partners — Marvel, IMAX and ABC — are seriously committed to this project in the long-term.

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Given that's the case, this is clearly only the first step in what should be a strong, confident marketing push. So far, Marvel's been reluctant to give us a real sense of the Inhumans series; that can't last much longer, as the partners move on to advertizing the show they hope will shake the world.


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