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In case you were one of the many fans who wound up disappointed with Medusa's look in the first trailer for Marvel's Inhumans, you'll be happy to know her hair has undergone some drastic improvements. Following complaints that the TV version of Medusa appeared to have a bad wig in the first trailer, it seems that the criticism has been heard and those in charge of bringing Medusa's hair to life have fixed it to make things look more natural on the show.

Originally, Medusa's hair looked like a billowing mess, flowing like a tangle of snakes in the wind and very clearly looking like some straight-up bad CGI. Fans on Twitter didn't hold back with their criticism:

Fan criticisms of the hair ranged from calling it snakes, to even saying Medusa's hair looked like the ghost guys from The Matrix Reloaded, which isn't entirely unfair, but unfortunate at the same time.

Nevertheless, the new look gives us a better impression of what we'll see on-screen when Medusa takes Maximus head on, or rather, hair-on.

From what we can tell, the new look gives Medusa's hair a more practical appearance. It actually has some level of depth to it, and even looks like real hair, unlike the CGI mess that appeared in the first trailer. The new look was unveiled in the character promo trailer, released earlier this week. Check it out:

We still have to wait to see how fans will react to Medusa's new look, but personally, it seems like a decent enough improvement was made on the base model that it should quell fan fears of a completely CGI get-up ruining her look. Her hair no longer has a snake-like appearance either, so those critiques can be put to rest. The final product is what'll either have fans in full support of Medusa's appearance, or it could work completely against the progress Marvel has made in promoting Inhumans.

What do you think of Medusa's new look? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Inhumans airs on IMAX on September 1, 2017.


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