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From what we've been able to see from set pictures and videos, Marvel's is shaping up to be something very special. While barely any story details have come out, it looks like a worthy addition to the ever-expanding MCU and a true representation of the Inhuman Royal Family.

Now we have one more piece to add to the impressive and exciting puzzle that is the Inhumans TV series. The Hawaii isla 808 Twitter account posted these batch of new images from the set, which offer a pretty intriguing look at Serinda Swan's Medusa:

Do you notice something very important missing in those pictures? Allow me to help you out: Medusa - who's known for her enviable long red locks - is sporting a shaved head. Don't worry though, this doesn't mean this is the 's take on the character. As we learned from our first look at the superheroine, she will have her signature hair.

But that begs the question...

What In The World Is Going On In That Picture?

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

We love to speculate and look for grander story bits that might come into play in our live-action superhero adaptations. In this case, however, the character's new hairdo might be a very easy explanation.

We know the Inhumans will be visiting Earth. Other set pictures have shown Anson Mount's Black Bolt receiving a... shall we say, rough treatment from humans. Considering that unfortunate welcome, Medusa's shaved head could simply be a way to hide her identity while visiting human territory.

Keep in mind I'm just speculating here. Her shaved hair could be thanks to any number of reasons.

On another note, would you believe me I told you these new set images are an Easter Egg by themselves? How, you ask? Serinda Swan's appearance is identical to this promotional image for Uncanny Inhumans #15, which featured Medusa's impressive hair at the mercy of a cruel (and powerful) pair of scissors:

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

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Does that mean we could be seeing an adaptation of that storyline? Regardless of the reason behind her appearance, we can't deny how the style choice highlights 's penchant for Easter Eggs. Because - if we think about it - Medusa could have been given any type of hairstyle to hide her Inhuman powers. But instead, the House of Ideas chose to pay homage to the printed page.

Inhumans will be released in IMAX theaters on September 2, 2017 before moving on to ABC.

Why is Medusa sporting a shaved head? Let me know your best guess in the comments!


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