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Inhumans has always been an interesting case for Marvel. What once was a $175 million dollar blockbuster film has been settled into an eight-episode television event, with no involvement from Marvel's film division. However, what is the most intriguing about the superhero show is that even though it is made for TV, the first chapters of Marvel's will be heading to theaters, shot entirely in IMAX format. Though it couldn't be a movie, Jeph Loeb and Ike Perlmutter have done their best to do the source material justice.

In addition to this morning's trailer teaser, has also dropped IMAX's official poster for the show, featuring Black Bolt and Maximus. Following Black Bolt and the Royal Family of Attilan, the series will see them escaping the city and heading to Earth. In Hawaii, they find themselves among humanity and end up having to save the world (obviously.) Also, there is a large teleporting dog in the key cast. Take that as you will.

We are only three months away from debut of Marvel's Royal Family. Though the as a species have been around in the for a while now, they haven't been given the spotlight before. From the footage, Marvel is definitely pushing the boundaries of scope for network television. There is a lot riding on this project being a success. With the use of exotic locations, bigger sets and an all-star television cast, it seems as though that family rivalry will be a key aspect in getting us to know these characters.

Though the trailer teaser was brief, it does give us a taste for what Marvel is going for. It seems we will get an even bigger taste when the trailer drops tomorrow.

The Official Poster For Marvel's Inhumans

'Inhumans' [Credit: Disney-ABC TV]
'Inhumans' [Credit: Disney-ABC TV]

Besides Lockjaw, it seems like the most interesting and exciting addition to the cast is Iwan Rheon as Maximus. The actor, who made a huge splash on Game of Thrones, is fantastic in roles like these. Rheon will definitely have a solid handle on Maximus's mental instability and supervillain intellect. There is no doubt that he will be a highlight of the show, as he was in Game of Thrones.

The most revealing tidbit in this poster is the series' televised premiere date. Everyone mark your calendars for September 29.

Attilan Revealed

Originally tweeted out by the director of the first two episodes, Roel Reine, this banner reveals our first look at Attilan, the Royal Family's home and safe haven, which is traditionally located on the blue side of the moon. Though it is not revealed if that is the same for the television show, the floating city looks very close to the source material. Fans have met the show with caution, hopefully Marvel delivers with Iron Fist's Scott Buck as the showrunner.

'Inhumans' [Credit: Disney-ABC TV]
'Inhumans' [Credit: Disney-ABC TV]

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