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At any given moment in the last 40 years, space has either been the coolest or the most unfashionable place to set a movie.

In the '70s, James Bond took a questionable, bandwagon-jumping trip into space right after Star Wars introduced the world to a galaxy far, far away. Alien and Aliens then taught us that the big black void is literally full of bloodthirsty lifeforms. By the end of the '80s however, the world was kind of over it.

Now, two decades into the 21st century, space is firmly back in — between the on-going assault of the Star Wars movies, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 and Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, movie fans seem to have collectively decided that it's totally cool to like films set on planets that aren't Earth once again. have clearly been taking notes, because Kevin Feige — a man who talks a lot without ever really saying anything — just teased the future of the 's expanding "Cosmic Universe."

'We've Had Discussions About A Cosmic Universe... There Are So Many Places To Go'

Here's what Feige had to say while speaking to Fandango:

"I think the early discussions we’ve had with James [Gunn] about '[Guardians] Vol. 3' and beyond with what we’ll call the 'Cosmic Universe' and the Guardian characters is very exciting. Which is why he signed up and we announced that even before 'Guardians Vol. 2' came out."

That's actually pretty interesting, suggesting the MCU is going to become so vast that it can comfortably divide into a "Cosmic Universe" and an Earthbound-one. Gunn has already stated that his third and final Guardians movie will also be the last to feature the current team line-up, but two of the post-credits scenes also set up a major players in future, space-set Marvel movies.

Feige continued:

"As you know from the comics, there are so many places to go and so many more characters, and there are a few characters hinted at in the [end] tag scenes of 'Vol. 2.' All of which could be potential to see and explore more in the new age following our big Avengers films."

'Thor: Ragnarok' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Thor: Ragnarok' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

While there probably won't be a new-look Guardians line-up any time soon after Vol. 3, there's still potential for countless cosmic MCU adventures — a sequel to Thor: Ragnarok feels like a solid bet, a villain-centric movie based around Adam Warlock could be brilliant, and many of Captain Marvel's comic book sagas take place in space so her first solo movie could, and should, follow suit.

I'd also put money (as in, like, five bucks, not my life savings) on a Drax solo movie at some point. Please, Marvel?

More Marvel:

By sticking around in space, Marvel can embrace the weirder elements of the Marvel Comics history. It's a smart way to go, even if it presents the studio with a fresh challenge — how do you make movies set on Earth as exciting as those in space, especially when the current Avengers are near the end of the line? Perhaps the creation of a new, Earth-centric team could be the answer.

Check out the Thor: Ragnarok trailer below (out November 3) and don't forget that Guardians Vol. 2 hits theaters next week on May 5. As if you could.

Which characters from Marvel Comics should be introduced into the MCU's expanding cosmic mythology?



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