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Marvel and are hard at work in The Punisher series starring Jon Bernthal. We know the show will be released this year, and we've been able to get a look at two amazing posters, but aside from that, official material to get us hyped for it has been scarce.

One thing in particular that's had fans biting their nails has been the wait for a release date announcement. Our watch has finally ended, because we may finally know when will come guns blazing onto our screens.

Get Ready For 'The Punisher'

According to MCU Exchange, a source close to the project revealed the series will be released on Tuesday November 14, 2017. Tuesday may sound like an odd choice since Netflix shows are usually released on Fridays (you know, to feed our unhealthy binging practices) but the streaming site seems to be taking a liking for the second day of the week.

Season 5 of House of Cards premiered on Tuesday, and Stranger Things Season 2 is expected to be out Tuesday, October 31st. While this is a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt, there's some evidence to back it up. Just like its other fellow Marvel/Netflix series, The Punisher's 13 episodes were helmed by different directors, one of them being .

Walsh recently gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter to talk about her other directorial endeavor, the Fargo TV series. When asked whether Fargo was her first time filming in America, she revealed it hadn't been: The Punisher was shot in New York. And that's when she dropped a surprise:

"One other [thing] that hasn't been aired yet, which was an episode for the new Marvel series 'The Punisher,' which I did just before Christmas, but it's not airing until November. I directed that in New York and edited in L.A."

Given that, it's safe to say The Punisher will be coming to our screens in November. And while the exact release date can't be determined by Walsh's response, her comments lend credibility to MCU Exchange's information.

As we've seen with the other Netflix-based projects, the streaming service enjoys playing the waiting game with people by announcing the release date around two months before it arrives. That means that, without this information, we would have had to wait until around September to find out when would make his return.

Aside from the sheer excitement of finally having a (possible) release date for the series, this revelation has me thinking, will there be some promotional material coming our way sooner than expected? This might be the impatient fan in me speaking but with two posters and a release window already out there, Marvel could very well decide to just give us our first official look at the show.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens, but one thing's for sure: We're only five months away from seeing kicking butt and taking names solo as The Punisher.

What do you think about The Punisher coming in November? Let me know in the comments!

(Source: MCU Exchange, The Hollywood Reporter)


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