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Captain America: Civil War launched Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to both fan and critical acclaim, swiftly followed by the visually spectacular Doctor Strange. Now, as part of the impending DVD / Blu-Ray release of Doctor Strange, Marvel has released an outstanding Phase 3 teaser, exploring the MCU's overarching narrative and hinting at what's in store. Take a look, but beware — there are spoilers aplenty!

The Mystery of Mjolnir

For months now, fans have been speculating about the fate of 's hammer Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok. We know that the film will open with the God of Thunder separated from Mjolnir, and forced to do battle in the Grandmaster's arena. Significantly, though, to date we've had literally no footage of Thor wielding Mjolnir, leaving fans wondering whether he'd ever get his hammer back!

We've had theories aplenty; would Thor find himself unworthy? Will the hammer be destroyed, revealed to in fact be the Soul Stone? Most disturbingly of all, teasers from had suggested he may never wield Mjolnir again — they showed him carrying a weapon that appears to be Jarnbjorn, a battle-ax he's carried in more recent, post-Mjolnir comics.

Concept art for 'Infinity War'! [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Concept art for 'Infinity War'! [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Now, finally, the Phase 3 Sneak Peak may have just given us some answers...

The Fate of Mjolnir

A clip from the Sneak Peek! [Credit: Marvel Studios]
A clip from the Sneak Peek! [Credit: Marvel Studios]

The Sneak Peek features clips from what's clearly an extended scene in which Thor wields Mjolnir. Although his costume carries hints of the gladiator look we've already seen, his hair has grown out once again, suggesting that this may be towards the end of the film. Watching with care, it's hard not to conclude that Thor has somehow regained Mjolnir — that the hammer is itself one of the rewards of his quest, and that he's about to unleash his full Asgardian might on all the forces of Hela.

If this Sneak Peek is anything to go by, Ragnarok will open with Thor losing Mjolnir, with the hammer claimed by Hela; but, by the film's end, he'll regain it.

Thor in 'The Avengers'. [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Thor in 'The Avengers'. [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Of course, we need to remember two things: Firstly, certainly isn't above a bit of misdirection. They knew full well what scenes they were releasing in that Sneak Peek, and they're fully aware that fans will be writing articles just like this one, trying to work out what those scenes mean. I won't exactly be surprised if things take a different turn. The second point, though, is that this still doesn't explain the concept art for Avengers: Infinity War, which clearly shows Thor carrying a very different Asgardian weapon. Just because Thor recovers Mjolnir, it doesn't mean the film will end with the hammer intact.

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All in all, that Sneak Peak is simply gorgeous. It's sure to leave fans thrilled, as it reminds us once again of the scale and complexity of the . It also offers more hints and teasers at the direction the films are about to take, as we travel the road to Infinity War - sure to be the climax of the MCU to date!


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