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Marvel's got a plan. We may not know exactly what it is, or which heroes will come to the forefront next, but you can be sure that Marvel know exactly how we'll be spending our money on their practically omnipotent entertainment empire for the next ten years. At least.

But as whipped as we are by the media giant, we still want to know exactly what the MCU has in store for us. Post-, three films already have release dates in 2019 and 2020, and these mystery movies have sparked much speculation.

There's an army of Marvel characters just waiting in the wings. [Marvel]
There's an army of Marvel characters just waiting in the wings. [Marvel]

When speaking to The Toronto Sun, Kevin Feige finally revealed the reason why these titles are being kept so strictly secret.

"Where we go after Avengers; what those 2020 films are, we’re pretty sure what those are going to be... but if I tell you that, we’re getting into spoilers."

But wait a minute, how can the titles themselves spoil anything about the film, other than who's involved? That seems to be exactly the point, and the fact that Marvel won't so much as tell us who will have titular movies in Phase 4 should probably make us a little concerned about the outcome of Avengers: Infinity War.

An Avenger Falls

For all Marvel's success in spitting out objectively good, enjoyable movies, the MCU is not without its faults. There are two main problems viewers have with the Marvel movies: The villains are predictably one dimensional, and death is far from permanent.

With the exception of Quicksilver and Peggy Carter, everyone who's died in a Marvel movie has returned in some form or another, from Agent Coulson to Bucky Barnes to Loki. This has the knock-on effect of lowering the stakes for viewers. We're comfortable in the knowledge that our heroes won't die, and even if they do they'll probably be back at some point — probably because they have a solo movie coming out the following year.

And that's where the no-spoilers movie title comment comes in. If Marvel won't tell us which heroes will have solo features in 2019 and 2020, we have no way of predicting who will survive Infinity War. In short, any of your faves may die. No-one is safe. Especially not old-guard Avengers whose actors' contracts are expiring...

Aftermath Of War

Whatever happens in Infinity War, it's likely the MCU will never be the same again — and upcoming titles could reveal this too soon. We could have an entirely new lineup of Avengers after Infinity War, Thanos' plot could set off an almost serialized chain of events that later films will deal with, or Marvel may not want to reveal their next big arc after the big purple guy has finally been dealt with.

Thanos is coming for your faves. [Marvel]
Thanos is coming for your faves. [Marvel]

Here are some potential titles we came up with, very quickly, that would definitely spoil MCU developments: Secret Avengers, Captain Marvel: Alpha Flight, Young Avengers, Secret Invasion, Adam Warlock, Planet Hulk: Thunderdome, Ironheart, and Captain America: Bucky's Time To Shine. Also, we would watch all of these movies like, twice.

Naturally, if any fans saw these prospective titles on a release date sheet, they would immediately mine the comics for answers, and come up with Marvel's next big plan.

No More Inhumans

Of course, there's one other reason why Marvel don't want to tell us what they're planning: They're not sure yet, and they like having some wiggle room without their every move being analyzed and criticized before the movies are even released.

The Inhumans movie lost its release date. [Marvel]
The Inhumans movie lost its release date. [Marvel]

We like to call this The Inhumans Effect — this movie has been on-again off-again for over a year, with a lack of news leading to Inhumans being removed from Marvel's release schedule. If they'd never announced the film in the first place, no-one would have got their hopes up, and all of this could have gone on behind the scenes.

Without telling us exactly what they're planning, Marvel can have the best of both worlds — they're not spoiling the outcome of Infinity War so we know no-one is safe, and they have plenty of room to change the schedule based on which characters prove most popular among fans.

And it's all a moot point, Marvel don't need the Eye of Agamotto to tell them we'll see the movies whoever, or whatever they're about — even if the leading characters are a tree and a raccoon. Like we said, we're whipped.

Tell us in the comments: What do you want Marvel to make a movie about next?

Bucky's got his eye on Cap's shield. [Marvel]
Bucky's got his eye on Cap's shield. [Marvel]

[Source: The Toronto Sun]


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