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Firstly, let me explain what I mean by having a prominent role in Marvel's Phase Four: Not necessarily a solo movie, but having a large role in another character's movie. For example; Black Widow and Falcon both played huge roles in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, not only with the amount of time they had in the film, but how important they were to the plot as well.

All right, I hate to say but this, but by the time Phase Four starts, most of these actors will be nearing the decade mark in terms of how long they've been with Marvel Studios. This means that Marvel will need to bring a plethora of new characters to help fill that gaping hole of their cornerstone actors from The Avengers leaving. Hey, they might still want to act, but I just doubt it (plus, too much money).

Okay, Phase Three is bringing in quite a few new solo movies to the table! I'm equally as excited to see who will all the minor characters will be. Marvel does an excellent job with secondary characters, and this will continue to prove vital for future installments! Here are three Marvel characters from The Avengers that we could see have a prominent role in Phase Four!


Black Widow has the chance to do something that I thought was impossible -- she could make an awesome prequel movie! Okay, they probably wouldn't do that and instead just use flashbacks in her solo movie. Scarlett Johansson is still relatively young and she could most certainly still be extremely useful further down the road. I want to see her have her own film, and also be included in other projects. I think its safe to say we'll see her in Phase Four!

New characters are often introduced in end credit scenes, so check out every Marvel end credit scene below:


Jane Foster/Might Thor/Marvel Comics
Jane Foster/Might Thor/Marvel Comics

I'm infatuated with Jane Foster's version in Mighty Thor at Marvel Comics! Now, we won't see Natalie Portman probably ever again, but that doesn't mean someone else can't take her place. Jason Aaron is already setting up the next movie in the comics, and Thor could still play a rather large part -- even though he lost his Mighty Hammer. I think it'd be awesome to see Thor become unworthy with just some remarks by a fellow Avenger. He loses Mjolnir and someone else becomes Thor, while he works out his issues as Odinson. Or, he could become King of Asgard, and give his hammer to a worthy successor (BOO!).


Kate Bishop/Hawkeye/Marvel Comics
Kate Bishop/Hawkeye/Marvel Comics

Wait, have I been drinking again? Maybe. But anyways, the Marvel Universe needs a Hawkeye, and I'd love to see him training Kate Bishop. Now, Kate Bishop makes a whole hell of a lot more sense to see her on Netflix, but we might get an awesome solo movie where Clint shows Kate Bishop the ropes of becoming an Avenger. She's an extremely interesting character, and she proved immensely entertaining in Fraction's Hawkeye. I could see him finally giving up his bow once he had a successor -- and you know what; he was awesome in Civil War!


Doctor Strange will be in Phase 4!
Doctor Strange will be in Phase 4!

I know, what about Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man? As of now, I just don't see them having that huge of roles in Marvel's Phase Four. Unless they bring Amadeus Cho in to be the Totally Awesome Hulk, then sorry Bruce. And for Iron Man; he's just too expensive. Now, Cap might still have a shot, but I want to see what happens when battles Thanos. I'd love to hear what you think down in the comments section about who we might see in the next phase in the MCU!

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