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The Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has found great success with audiences so far, and after what fans have been calling "Phase One" came to a close with The Defenders, we're expecting a slew of other projects. Out of the various shows coming our way in the next year, fans have been most excited about Jon Bernthal's The Punisher. The series is right around the corner, and Marvel and Netflix have enjoyed playing a cryptic marketing game with audiences.

One of the most secretive aspects about Frank Castle's solo on-screen mission has been its release date. The companies have released multiple teasers and motion posters, giving fans subtle hints about when the show will be available for the public to watch.

[Credit: Netflix/Marvel Television]
[Credit: Netflix/Marvel Television]

The mystery has been a fun, albeit frustrating, interactive experience between the company and audiences, but it's been our understanding that the series was scheduled to arrive at some point in November. Now, however, we've learned that Marvel has reportedly decided to delay the series in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

The companies recently pulled the show's panel from in the wake of the shooting. A day after the announcement, Verne Gay, a writer for Newsday, sent out a tweet stating that Netflix and Marvel were going to delay The Punisher from mid-October to an unspecified date later in the fall because of the aforementioned tragedy:

A few hours later, Gay took to social media once again to state that reportedly wanted to surprise fans by releasing The Punisher during New York Comic Con weekend. But the plans were scrapped, and now the show is allegedly expected to be released sometime this fall:

I must stress that we should take this information with a grain of salt, especially because the details we got throughout the past few months have indicated the show would be coming in November. In fact, even one of the directors confirmed it during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and November is technically late fall.

With that said, the rumor also makes sense, especially taking into consideration the aforementioned teases and secrecy surrounding the release date. Therefore, it wouldn't be so far-fetched for the company to want to drop it on unsuspecting viewers.

[Credit: Marvel Television/Netflix]
[Credit: Marvel Television/Netflix]

As much as it may be difficult for fans to know we'll have to wait longer to get Frank Castle's series, would be doing the right thing in delaying the show. The Las Vegas shooting was a devastating event, and promoting an antihero with gun violence as his primary identifier just mere days after it happened could understandably make audiences feel uncomfortable.

For now, it seems that The Punisher will arrive in November, just as has been reported throughout the past few months. While we wait for that to arrive, you can watch the trailer again:

Do you think The Punisher was in fact delayed? Or is Marvel still planning to release it in November? Let me know what you think.


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