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Marvel has a villain problem, it’s true. There hasn’t been a villain other than Loki that has connected with the audiences as much as the lovable heroes have. Studios may currently be the reigning champion of the superhero genre on the big screen, but their disposable baddies often keep good films from being great.

On the other hand, has a short list of memorable villains that stand out when compared to those that have shown up in Marvel Studios’ 14 movies. However, they shined brightly and it’s a phenomenal achievement with the small number of film's in which they've been featured. Zod (Michael Shannon), Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and even Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to an extent are just some of the fantastic villains DC has produced and coming soon will be The Rock’s .

So, how can Marvel fix this problem once and for all?

Like DC’s Black Adam, Marvel should give one of their villains a solo movie and that villain should be Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Baron Mordo from Doctor Strange.

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Marvel, Give Baron Mordo A Movie

'Doctor Strange' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Doctor Strange' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Marvel’s was a phenomenal movie. In addition to Benedict Cumberbatch’s incredible portrayal of the Sorcerer Supreme, the movie also gave us a beautifully-crafted introductions to and Baron Mordo. I had the opportunity of attending the film’s press conference in Los Angeles where Mads Mikkelsen was also present. He was talking about the love and passion he had for the character and that he was absolutely excited to form part for the .

Hearing him saying that broke my heart because his character was just another name in Marvel’s disposable villains list. Kaecilius could have been a tremendous protagonist in his own solo movie. Marvel wasted a villain who could’ve become their most intricate villain after Loki. However, they still had another interesting sorcerer with the prowess and screen charm to break the spell of bad screen villains in the MCU.

The passion Ejiofor thrusts into Mordo can clearly be seen in the film and a character as complex and dynamic as Mordo deserves his own movie. Not only would we get a Marvel movie that completely drops the Marvel template, but with DC doing a Black Adam spin-off it would be the perfect box-office competition.

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DC And Marvel's Benefit From Having Similar Movies

The Rock as Black Adam [Credit: Bosslogic]
The Rock as Black Adam [Credit: Bosslogic]

Contrary to what many fans think, Marvel and DC don’t hate each other. From a business perspective having two similar films releasing in in similar time frame is a huge financial advantage for each company, and here's proof.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice released in March 2016 and Captain America: Civil War released two months later in May. Both movies share similar premises with heroes fighting against heroes.

Even Honest Trailers joked about the movies’ similar stories.

Financially both movies earned massive amounts of money and one of the many reasons for their box-office success was probably because of their close release dates. Fans of both comic book companies watch each other’s films. There’s a reason why fans called 2016 the best year to be a geek.

Baron Mordo Should Start Marvel's Phase 4

'Doctor Strange' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Doctor Strange' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

But apart from the 'it's good for business" angle, a Baron Mordo movie would be the best thing to do after nearly every character in the MCU will face in the upcoming Avengers movie. Marvel has said that large event movies after Phase 3 won’t be the norm. Instead, more centralized stories will take the helm. With Phase 4 already heading our way, Baron Mordo could be the perfect beginning for a new set of movies.

Mordo has similar attributes to ’s Black Adam. Both harness power from magical forces and both have their own definition of what it means to be good. Each film would help condition non-comic fans to better accept both movies alternative approaches to a modern superhero film.


Because a Baron Mordo movie doesn’t have to be an origin movie. Even if Marvel decides to make a Baron Mordo film I believe they know that an origin story isn’t the right move because we already know everything we need to know about the character.

In Doctor Strange we learned Mordo’s old and newfound purpose. It would only make sense to see him go after sorcerers and taking their powers, with references to his past along the way.

The Baron Mordo Movie We Need

Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

There are plenty of reasons why a Baron Mordo solo film could work, but the most important reason is he would be the perfect choice to finally fix Marvel’s villain problem.

In Mordo we have a complicated individual, much like , who fights for a cause that not everyone abides by. He is a character that, like Loki, the audience will come to love.

Many fans don’t even consider him a villain, so seeing him go from the nice and caring mentor to the treacherous sorcerer he is in the comics should definitely happen in a solo Baron Mordo movie.

Come on, Marvel. This is your chance to really give us something new.


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