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Issues of gender inequality have been plaguing the movie industry for decades. And although admittedly men and women are more equal in the entertainment world these days than fifty years ago, debates continue to rage on — especially when it comes to how women are represented on the big screen.

This topic came up once again at the recent Women in Technology luncheon, revealing some fascinating insights into Hollywood. At the event, executive and vice president of physical production, Victoria Alonso, spoke about how her company is drastically shifting toward firmly establishing gender equality. And in doing so, she urged other studios to follow Marvel's lead. She said:

"We have had gender inequality for some time. It wasn't always talked about... In the past year, it bubbled up and it's no longer acceptable to women and some men. Change is needed and hopefully we can make a balanced Hollywood for the next generation."

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Looking toward her own position within a male-orientated industry, Alonso went on to say:

"I don’t want to be the only [woman] in the room. Our rooms should be 50/50. If any of you — men or women — can lift [women] up, we’ll all be better for it.”

She also added:

"You are important change makers. When you wonderful men say 'balance is necessary'… you open that door and the product is going to be better [with varied perspectives]."

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones

Admittedly, film has always struggled with representing its women in a fair light. Yet, more and more, studios are working to create top tier, three-dimensional female characters that are intrinsic to storylines, rather than on the periphery of them. Here's our video featuring some of the strongest women in the business right now:

And when it comes to superheroes, although the upcoming feature from Warner Bros. is getting most of the attention, the female direction at the heart of Marvel's Captain Marvel and shows like Jessica Jones are finally giving ladies the voices they deserve. These might all be positive steps, but we still have a long way to go.

Do you agree with Victoria Alonso's comments about gender inequality in Hollywood?

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