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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a vast place that's only expected to get bigger in the coming years with films like Infinity War, Ant-Man & The Wasp, Captain Marvel and Black Panther. What will happen after Phase 3 comes to a close is still a mystery (aside from Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, that is). But it looks like we finally have an idea of the superheroes Marvel is looking at to shepherd its new cinematic age.

Marvel Is Reportedly Developing A Power Pack Film

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

According to The Hashtag Show, Marvel started to develop a film adaptation of Power Pack at some point this year. Reportedly, the studio put Jonathan Schwartz as executive producer on the tentative project. Schwartz is a longtime MCU collaborator, having worked on films like Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger and the franchise, so he has some experience with the universe. But the excitement doesn't end there. According to the report, Marvel is looking to make the film a "Spy Kids-like story."

As with any rumor, we should take this with a grain of salt. However, The Hashtag Show has proven to be a relatively reliable source in the past, so there's a good chance this is actually happening. Whether or not it will see the light of day remains to be seen—many things fall apart in development—but it's likely it's at least being discussed.

Interestingly enough, this is a property that Marvel has spent quite a few years trying to get off the ground. Prior to the start of the , the company partnered with Merrill Lynch in 2005 to start Marvel Studios, and they had 10 of their properties as collateral.

One of those was Power Pack. Nothing came of that, but five years later, Marvel started developing the project once again. That unfortunately didn't come to fruition either, but now we're here. Again, this doesn't mean that we can be certain the film will happen. Marvel is just considering options.

Who Exactly Are The Power Pack?

Ok, there's all this talk about Marvel wanting to bring the property to live-action, but the isn't exactly well-known outside the comic book fandom, so you're probably wondering who they are. The quartet of heroes made their first appearance in the very first issue of their own magazine back in 1984, and their origins are as crazy and out there as one would expect from the House of Ideas.

The group is comprised of four siblings, Katie, Alex, Jack and Julie. Their father, James Power, is a brilliant scientist who made a groundbreaking discovery in using antimatter to generate energy. There was one major flaw in his design, however, one that could destroy Earth. This was noticed by Aelfyre Whitemane, a cosmic being that resembles a horse (yeah, don't think about it too much).

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

But before Whitemane could get to James to warn him about the dangers of his work, his rival species, the Snarks (think giant reptiles) wounded him and kidnapped the Power Pack's mother and father, hoping to get their antimatter formula. Fortunately, Whitemane wasn't out of the game just yet, and he saved the Power Pack. He explained the situation to them, and before dying, he granted them his vast powers and his sentient ship, Friday.

Jack took the name of Mass Master, Katie became Energizer, Julie adopted the name of Lightspeed, and Alex became Gee. All suited and powered up, the Power Pack went after the Snarks and saved their parents. Following that, the kids became a staple in the Marvel universe, going on adventures with heroes like the New Mutants, Spider-Man, Wolverine and even Deadpool.

Coincidentally, Franklin Richards, the son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, is an occasional member of the team. Franklin is a good friend of the pack, and Fox is reportedly developing a movie based on him and his sister, so it's funny to think that both studios are working on two kid-friendly projects at the same time.

Is Power Pack The Right Way To Go For The MCU?

Most of you are probably asking yourselves this. After all, there are other, more well-known characters could use to move forward into Phase 4. Now, as mentioned, the Power Pack movie is in no way a sure thing, but they would be a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Not only because they are inherently cool characters, but because their family dynamic is unlike anything we've seen on the live-action genre yet. The Power Pack aren't a gloomy group of superheroes with a tragic backstory. They're kids, they have fun with their crazy abilities, they beat the bad guys and go back home for dinner with their unsuspecting parents.

If handled right, this could give a unique spin to both the MCU and the superhero genre in general. If you want a good idea of what this property could be if adapted, you should check out the 1991 Power Pack live-action pilot. It's quite dated, but a fun watch nonetheless:

Do you think Marvel's long-in-development Power Pack adaptation is actually happening now? If you do, are you happy with that? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: The Hashtag Show]


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