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Now, with the prospect of a writers' strike looming ever larger on the horizon, it's worth taking a second to consider just what the potential action would mean for the superhero movies that take up such a large chunk of our brain space. After all, if the Writers Guild of America (WGA) doesn't manage to negotiate a new contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) in the next few days, then writers across the country could down tools as early as May 2nd, when the current three-year "master contract" expires.

That, in turn, would mean that any movies without finalized screenplays would be more-or-less dead in the water, with TV shows in particular facing a problematic immediate future, especially heading into the summer (and the production of this coming fall's network schedule). In good news for movie fans, though, it seems that:

Marvel Studios Has A Cunning Plan To Deal With The Potential Writers Strike

'Iron Man' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Iron Man' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Of course, that cunning plan is technically less "cunning," and more "forward-thinking and responsible," but for the sake of head honcho 's feelings, let's call it cunning all the same. Y'see, it seems that the company is well prepared for the strike, having made sure to move some of its writing deadlines up to ensure that any upcoming movies in the don't experience delays as a result of any potential industrial action. As Feige himself recently put it to The Wrap:

"I think the whole industry will be affected, but we’ve seen it coming for a while now, and yes it moved up deadlines."

In other words? The upcoming likes of and are unlikely to be unduly effected by a possible WGA strike, because their scripts have already — it seems— been finalized. That, at least, is what Feige's follow up comments would seem to suggest:

"Most of the movies that we’ve talked about publicly will be OK... For a few of them, depending on how long it lasts, there will be repercussions. But certainly the ones filming or the ones about to start filming have scripts and are set."

'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

In other words? Even if a writers' strike does happen, the earliest we're likely to see any sort of substantial repercussion for Marvel Studios is 2019, with all of the films set for release prior to that seeming to be well underway. That, of course, could be bad news for the already much-delayed , though there's always the possibility that Feige was including that project in his "about to start filming" column. Meanwhile, the already wrapped likes of and are all but certain to be a-OK, barring the need for substantial re-writes with the latter.

Of course, all of this will prove to be entirely irrelevant if the WGA and AMPTP can negotiate a fair deal in the next few days — or at least agree to a temporary extension of the previous deal while they continue their discussions. Here's hoping the writers get a fair deal, and soon.

What do you think, though? Which movies and TV shows are you concerned about if the strike does go ahead? Let us know below!

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