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Now, many of you out there might think this is something that would take a series of Marvel films to build up to, but with the current films we have already, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron could be the ultimate lead-in for Avengers 3: Civil War. Let's look at each franchise for a moment and see how we could tie them into this potential progression.

Iron Man

After the events of the 3rd film and what is to come in the Avengers, I could see Tony Stark becoming the director of 'Shield' and being more of a behind the scenes character rather than someone who gets in the fray anymore. After his experiences with the Mandarin and the Extremis soldiers, he is more resistant to being a hero, seeing the damage it could cause to his family and loved ones. As a result, he writes up a brief outline of the Superhero registration act and uses his political connections to be heard before the president.

Captain America

While we know the next film is about the Winter Soldier, we have seen some images of Cap in handcuffs being taken away. While he is the 'American Hero', he is starting to disagree with the political path our country is heading down and when word of the Superhero Registration Act gets to him he and Stark have a falling out.


This could be one of the coolest tie-ins yet because it would bridge two companies and two story lines rather easily. When Gwen Stacey dies in one of the next films, Stark approaches him after the credits and offers him a way for this to never happen again. He hands Peter an envelope with S.R.A stamped on the front of it. Credits start rolling and we are then interrupted by another cut scene of a press conference where we see Pater Parker receiving one of the first S.R.A. cards printed and shaking hands with Stark.


We really only want to see Wolverine here, but more than likely we would see a couple other mutants like Kitty Pride, Magneto, and Beast and given the next film introducing Sentinels, a S.R.A. tie-in would be simple. Say Trask survives the end for Days of Futures Past, he could be a viable political backer for the S.R.A.


The next Hulk film could be a major reason for the the S.R.A. being created and widely accepted by the public. Let's say Hulk loses control and causes such destruction that Stark, and Doctor Strange decide to send him off into space at the end of the film. This would then cause further unrest in the Superhero community and create the great dividing line between pro-registration and anti-registration. This could be the event that forces Cap to walk out on the Avengers with perhaps Quicksilver behind him.

Now these are only my thoughts on how we could see these films progress, though it looks like Marvel is heading more into the outer space direction, so we probably won't see this happen. But it only requires Sony and Fox to allow their characters to be used in a Marvel film. You give them a cut of the proceeds and hopefully they would be able to work out a deal.

What are your guys thoughts on a Civil War movie, and when do you think it should happen (if at all)? Even Avengers 4 would be fine by me. I just want to see Cap and Iron Man go toe to toe on screen.


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