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When it comes to television, Marvel has had its share of ups and downs, but it's still doing plenty right and we're hyped for what's next, thanks to a bunch of new posters released just in time for New York Comic Con. Each poster, originally debuted by IGN, reflects the comic book that inspired it.


[Credit: IGN]
[Credit: IGN]

First up is what will be Marvel's most out of the box project yet, Runaways. It's all about a team comprised of teenage superheroes who must take down a group of evildoers known as "The Pride," which happens to be made up of their parents. Not only that, but the show features a freaking dinosaur!

Based off of the bright colors on this poster, this show will likely have a more positive tone than some of its bleak Netflix counterparts. Runaways is set to be exclusively on Hulu, starting November 21.

'Jessica Jones'

[Credit: IGN]
[Credit: IGN]

One of the biggest reasons for the success of Jessica Jones Season 1 was how it tackled themes that superhero stories rarely do. In a world hat has gods and super soldiers, Jessica Jones was centered more on an everyday person dealing with trauma, who also happens to have superpowers.

A big color used throughout the first season was purple, which represented the main antagonist, Kilgrave. Even though Jessica Jones killed him in the season finale, it has already been confirmed that he will somehow be featured in Season 2. What's interesting about this poster is that Jessica Jones has a purple filter on her, which could lead to the speculation that — even though Kilgrave is dead — he still remains a ghost in Jessica's mind somehow.

Jessica Jones returns to Netflix in 2018.

'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

[Credit: IGN]
[Credit: IGN]

Since its debut, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been all over the map in terms of quality, but it has also introduced some of Marvel's biggest elements, including the Inhumans and Ghost Rider.

Not much is known about the upcoming Season 5. However, based off a previous poster released for the show, there is speculation that this season will take the show in more of a cosmic direction. The show has dealt with space before, but with the Avengers set to make their way to space in Infinity War, it would make sense for the Agents to do so as well — and hopefully give us the crossover we have been waiting for.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns on ABC this winter.

'Cloak & Dagger'

[Credit: IGN]
[Credit: IGN]

Cloak and Dagger have been longtime fan favorites in the comics, so there has always been hope that somehow they'd show up in the MCU. With only one trailer being released for the show so far, not much is currently known about the plot. But one thing that stands out in this poster is the neon billboard in the background; the sign is cut off, but fans of the comics will recognize it as the Roxxon Energy Corporation.

Roxxon is a shady oil company that has been mentioned on several occasions in the MCU, inlcuding in Daredevil, Agent Carter and Iron Man 3. It can be inferred that Roxxon will somehow be responsible for how Cloak and Dagger will obtain their powers.

Cloak and Dagger premieres on Freeform in 2018.

'The Punisher'

While not released as part of the above NYCC set, Netflix's The Punisher has given fans some cool motion posters on Twitter. Introduced during Daredevil Season 2, Jon Bernthal was born to play Frank Castle. Now he's got his own show, and it looks like Bernthal is ready to shine even more in the role.

Although not much is known about the show quite yet, it seems that Frank Castle will be hunting down the people responsible for his family's death and his ruined reputation. If Bernthal delivers the same caliber of performance that he gave in Daredevil, then chances are this show will be amazing.

The Punisher is set to start streaming on Netflix sometime later this year.

All of these posters hint at what to expect thematically from these Marvel shows when they come out. While Marvel has had a few ups and downs on TV, it seems they just might be finding their ground as they have when it comes to the movies.

Are you excited for the new and returning Marvel shows? Which poster is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!

{Credit: IGN}


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