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Marvel has quite the knack for putting together an impressive conglomerate of talent for their projects. From the early stages of the MCU in Iron Man and right into the Avengers and their TV projects like Jessica Jones and Daredevil, Marvel almost always nails its casting. None of that changed this past weekend when Marvel unveiled a few surprises at New York Comic Con, including the first trailer for Iron Fist:

But it wasn't the kickass trailer for the forthcoming series that really got the audience fired up - though that was pretty freaking cool. It was the announcment that Oscar-nominee and Alien ass-kicker Sigourney Weaver has joined the upcoming Defenders project as its main antagonist.

What Marvel Character Could The Legendary Actress Portray?

Marvel chose not to take the opportunity during New York Comic-Con to reveal the exact villain the actress will be playing. This is not a total shock given Marvel's preference to wait until the last possible minute and keep the anticipation and excitement at maximum levels.

So who might she be playing? Let's take a look.

1. Morgan Le Fay

So this may be the first of a few less likely candidates. But given the fact that Marvel is finally branching out more with the supernatural side of their comic universe, it's not totally out of the question. The character is loosely based on the Arthurian legend character of the same name. Her connections mostly lie within her opposition to The Avengers and to Spider-Woman (a character I hope and pray will someday soon join the franchise in some kind of worthwhile capacity). But a slight shift (and maybe a prelude to Spider-Woman's introduction - fingers crossed) could be what's in store here.

2. Lady Death

This character may slightly be less likely than the last. Although Marvel is opening the door to more supernatural characters, having one that holds the ultimate power over life and death may be taking things a bit too far into the extreme in the more gritty, realistic Netflix series. But given the character has a strong connection to Thanos, it's not irrational to think Marvel made some much-needed modifications to fit the character better within their cinematic universe. An agent of Thanos to keep the Defenders at bay while the big guy keeps The Avengers away. Not too shabby an idea, if I do say so myself.

3. An Original Character

One thing Marvel will never run out of is source material creations. There are so many characters to choose from, it would take months to sort them all out and pin down a select few that Weaver might be playing. But the big surprise could be that Weaver isn't playing a character from the comics, but instead one of completely new creation. The opportunities that come with that are also near limitless and potentially super awesome because we'd never know what to expect. But, given the amount of love that movie fans have for her and for the comics, it's more likely than not that she'll be tackling someone - or something - from the massive Marvel encyclopedia.

4. Mephisto

Yes, yes, I know. Mephisto is traditionally a male character. I get it. Marvel's making a ton of changes to characters and blah, blah, blah. This is definitely one that's open to incredible amounts of interpretation. Mephisto can take any form he so chooses. And if that appropriate one is to take the form of a powerful or even unsuspecting woman, it can't be helped that Marvel decided to cast one of the greatest actresses of the modern era to fit that role. It comes with immense power, near limitless possibilities, and future potential crossovers with series like the Avengers films and the rumored Ghost Rider series.

5. CEO of IGH

During the first season of Jessica Jones, it was revealed that there was a military connected corporation called IGH that was behind some shady experiments that resulted in superpowered people. The main effort of the shady group was to improve the combat skills of soldiers through drug enhancers. The pills, though effective in their goal, also caused mental damage to the user, as was the case with Will Simpson, who went from a good man to an unhinged psycho with violent tendencies by the end of the season. The company also had strong connections to the origins of Jessica, Luke Cage, and Kilgrave.

I wouldn't consider being the face of a corporation the best use of someone as talented as Weaver, but if they were to take the character in a direction that expands upon that role in a new and exciting way, I'm sure fans will be more than welcome to see her take it on.

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Sigourney Weaver is an actress that never fails to impress. She's been at the top of her game for over three decades now and at no point soon does it appear she's planning to have it any other way. When The Defenders finally makes its long-awaited debut on Netflix, the actors and the characters will all be up for helluva challenge as this mighty maiden takes on a position of power and undeniable fear unlike anything we've seen from Marvel before.


Who would you like to see Sigourney Weaver play in 'The Defenders'?


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