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Tyrus Bradshaw

After viewing the Marvel movies and hearing countless news on upcoming projects my mind is filled with so many questions, mainly: What is DC doing with their characters and cinematic universe? Why is there so much indecision with developing their characters?

Marvel seems to continue to keep the ideas and movies flowing. Right now I know how many Marvel movies I will be seeing for the next few years. As a fan of comics, animated and live-action movies, I respect how Marvel has continued to give fans what they want. Though I love what Marvel has brought to the table, I am more of a fan of the DC Universe (I am a HUGE Batman fan). Every week, I read the news and there seems so much indecision on when or if there will be a Justice League Part One movie, or what will happen with the DC characters. It seems as though DC does not have a plan as to what they want to do. All parties involved in the creation of DC movies are not on the same page. I’m not even sure they are on the same planet. How can a company sit back and see all the success that Marvel is having and not want to capitalize on the superhero mayhem? Who would not want to see Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash (Movie), Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern on screen together in an epic Justice League movie?!?!? It makes absolutely no sense that fans of DC all over the world are not getting the opportunity to see their loved characters on the big screen.

Marvel has set the stage for how it can and should be done. Marvel’s The Avengers made history and truly set a standard with how they connected and allowed you to follow each of the main characters’ individual movies until ultimately we get to see them all in the masterpiece known as The Avengers Movie.

Without a doubt Marvel has been blowing DC out of the water with their movie franchise. To date here is what Marvel has done so far:

  • Hulk
  • Iron 1, 2 and 3
  • Thor
  • Captain America
  • Spiderman (reboot)
  • Wolverine movies
  • X-men movies
  • Coming soon are:

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past
  • The Amazing Spiderman 2
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Ant-man
  • Dr. Strange
  • Black Panther
  • Fantastic Four (reboot)
  • This is only the beginning that Marvel has divulged thus far to us fans. To date here is what DC has done so far:

  • The Dark Knight Trilogy
  • Superman Returns (This really does not belong on the list, AWFUL movie)
  • Green Lantern
  • Jonah Hex (This really does not belong on the list, AWFUL movie)
  • Man of Steel
  • A ton of unanswered questions and lack of plan
  • DC has a legendary ground breaking trilogy known as The Dark Knight directed by , which like Marvel’s Avengers set the bar and standard for comic book action movies. This created a style in which added realism and comic book methodology are grounded with strong emotional tones and dark/gritty overtones, which all tied to create a strong message which is ultimately now known as “nolorization”. This is evident in Man of Steel and also CW’s television series Arrow (Movie). Batman is one that you could emphasize with, root for and take seriously. as The Dark Knight is what is to Iron Man and what is to Wolverine. These actors embody every element of their characters. I disagree with statements that the Dark Knight Rises was the least preferred of the trilogy or that it was weak or lacking. It was the most powerful of the three to watch Bruce Wayne rise, fall, and in the end rise once more, renewed and stronger both mentally and physically. This is something we all in our lives can relate to. To be torn down and ultimately come back stronger is a testament to coming full circle within one’s life. This is a true classic to me as a comic book and Batman fan. Both Batman Begins and Rises where my favorites out of the trilogy, although The Dark Knight was truly sensational (R.I.P. ).

    In the wake of the success of Man of Steel (reviewing coming soon), which was a great movie filled with spectacular action, I am hearing that DC wants to reboot Batman. Why?!? Why are you going to reboot a movie franchise and a leading man in Bale, who brought you billions of dollars more than any of Marvel’s individual movies, achieving great box office success? I hear comments that Bale’s Batman cannot exist in the Man of Steel/Justice League world, why? Man of Steel was a poor man’s version of Batman Begins, which is not a bad thing, if it’s not broke, why fix it? Man of Steel had the same director, same writer, same tone, and same blueprint as The Dark Knight franchise with at the helm. Superman’s look was modified to reflect that same tone that was presented throughout The Dark Knight trilogy. Comments have also been made questioning the possibility of Bale’s character fighting off super powered beings and meta-humans in Man of Steel or Justice League.

    My answer? Realize that these are still comic book movies with comic book characters; despite the level of realism being incorporated there still has to be some comic elements placed within these stories with characters being true to their comic book origins. I mean, really, all ’s Superman had to do was place on some glasses and change his clothes and no one knows that this guy, same height, same build and color hair, is the same person they saw the other day battling Kryptonians. This is the beauty of the comic book methodology for these characters.

    The same idea should be applied to Batman; he fights crooks, masterminds, psychopaths and gang lords etc. When he finds himself thrust into a world with meta-humans/aliens this individual with no super powers simply just steps up his game and does his part in restoring peace using his intelligence, skill and endless array of gadgets and his will to never give up. To all those people who think that Nolan’s Batman could not exist in a Man of Steel/Justice League world think about this: Avengers included two human shield agents with no super powers, and lesser skills and intelligence than Batman where able to hold their own during the Chitauri invasion.

    Where was the out-cry of how that could not work? If Black Widow and Hawkeye can fight off an alien invasion with Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man then Bale’s Batman could definitely fight alongside Superman and other Justice Leaguers. The only thing I would add to Batman would be a deadlier and more powerful arsenal of weaponry and a suit that is more resistant to attacks. Incorporating the Lazarus pit to heal his various injuries or a suit that enhances his strength and agility (a la Batman Beyond) would be a welcomed idea. For those who say it cannot be done, they are looking into it too deeply. There have also been comments that reprising Bale as the Batman will cheapen the ending of The Dark Knight Rises, this is overly exaggerated because it makes no sense. The trilogy tells the story of Batman, carrying this over would only strengthen and add box office success to both the Man of Steel and Justice League movies.

    Nolan and Goyer did a disservice to the franchise by staying stubborn and limiting it to just Batman, one man who dons a customer and fights crime all by his lonesome, creating a universe void of other superheroes. Why? Translation: they do not have a vision or plan, the way Marvel does to connect movies. Iron Man never knew anything existed outside of the good he sought to do until Nick Fury met up with him at the end of Iron Man. Why was not the same done in The Dark Knight? At the end of Rises an end credit scene could have been added to set the scene for an epic crossover. It can be done folks! DC claims that the Man of Steel does the job of connecting other superheroes, but after seeing the movie twice, I have yet to see that, they are no mention of other characters, no cameos nor end credit scenes, just a bunch of Lex Corp building and trucks and a Wayne satellite that could easily have be missed.

    Then you have the other Justice Leaguers: Wonder Woman, who definitely deserves her own movie, Green Lantern, who should not be played by ever again, (should be rebooted, John Stewart anyone?) Flash, Martian Manhunter (another favorite of mine) and Aquaman. While I advocate that Wonder Woman is deserving of her own movie, the time has definitely passed for DC to do individual movies in hopes of connecting it to a Justice League movie. Let’s face it, DC is truly dragging their feet, at the rate they are going all we will get is a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in two years. The best thing for DC to do is:

    1) Not reboot the Batman (Bale has said that no one has contacted in regards to any future roles as Batman). How is it that Marvel has enough sense to sign Robert Downey to Avenger 2 and 3 and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine continues to stand in his own movies as well as the other X-men movies The Wolverine and Days of Future Past (both movies I cannot wait to see)and DC still are unsure of their direction. Why can’t DC bring themselves to re-sign a man who successfully rebooted one of the iconic superheroes of all time, all the while made them billions of dollars and laid the foundation/blueprint for Man of Steel (Why?). For those that are asking for a rebooted Batman, be careful what you ask for you just might get a Batman that is too cartoony.

    2) Get a plan and stick to it

    3) Get fans informed

    4) All movies going forward: incorporate cameos and have mention of other heroes with the universe

    If DC would stick to those four things we would be witnessing another historic moment in the world of comic book movies. I hear that DC has plans to reveal news at this month’s San Diego Comic Con; I am both eager and afraid that once again I will hear news that is annoying and disappointing to me as a fan of the DC universe and even worse, I fear hearing no news at all!

    The question still stands: What in the world is DC doing? As it stands now, Marvel is clearly in the driver’s seat over DC….. “nuff said”.


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