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If we're honest, then we can probably all agree that has done a solid job of introducing countless characters to the multitude of multiverses over the years. The characters have ranged from lovable to despicable and we've always come back for more, because ultimately the stories have always been engaging. And one of the most engaging franchises in Marvel's collection is the X-Men, dating back to their creation in 1963 by Stan Lee and jack Kirby.

The X-Men have been ever-present across several other comic franchises over the years, crossing paths with the , the and various other solo heroes. Yet with their seemingly devoted fanbase the X-Men seemed to constantly be on the run thanks to several major events that have affected the entire mutant population, let alone the entire Marvel universe. A few notable events are

  • House of M - Where a confused Scarlet Witch de-powers nearly all mutants
  • The Age of Apocalypse - Professor X is killed and the mutants live on
  • Inhuman War - Terrigen Mist slowly kills and sterilizes mutants
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Needless to say, the X-Men universe has had a rough go of it over the last decade or so, and that's just within the confines of the comic book universe. In terms of feature films, the X-Men have faced similar struggles with waning fan excitement through the 10 films produced since 2000, with Logan and First Class serving as rare exceptions. Depending on which film you're watching, it's clear that 20th Century Fox truly wants to develop X-Universe characters (X-23 and Deadpool being prime examples).

More Marvel:

Yet, no matter what the studio announced, fans feared that the cinematic universe would falter because of what was happening in the comic book world (Avengers vs. X-Men, Death of X and Inhumans vs. X-Men). With the most recent tale of the X-Men finding a home in limbo to escape the chaos and death, there was little hope of the series revival, at least until recently. Marvel announced late in 2016 that a new event would be coming in the spring of 2017, and it was being called ResurreXion and carried the hopeful tag "An Ending. A Beginning."

So What is ResurreXion?

Essentially, much like Marvel has done in the past, ResurreXion is a reboot of the series overall. ResurreXion looks to be a new beginning for the X-Men, and considering that Marvel is planning several new series launches - it seems as though there will be an incredible amount of new material created, all of which are kicking off in April.

  • X-Men Blue
  • X-Men Gold
  • Generation X
  • Weapon X
  • Astonishing X-Men
  • Iceman
  • Jean Grey
  • Cable
  • Old Man Logan
  • All-New Wolverine

With 10 different "new" comic lines, it begs the question about how 20th Century Fox could use this new material to relaunch their own cinematic universe following the anticipated success of the comic line.

20th Century Fox Should Play Off The Nostalgia

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

With so many stories being developed and launched in 2017, there are so many potential directions that 20th Century Fox could go. But I think it would be a smart choice to play off the nostalgia that will be coming with X-Men Blue & X-Men Gold, and considering that both titles will be released bi-monthly there will be a lot of material to pull from.

Mark Paniccia, Marvel's Senior Editor for the X-Men franchise says this about the Blue and Gold series:

These are the return to the quintessential X-Men team books. Rosters you’re going to love. The kinds of stories we all grew up on. You’re going to dig them and maybe even feel a little competition between the books, trying to outdo each other. If I do my job right, there will be readers who are Team Blue or Team Gold. Don’t get me wrong. You’ll enjoy both but you will have a home team.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

A return to the classic "feel" of the team based film with a more hopeful atmosphere would be a great revival for the series moving forward. And honestly, that nostalgic style would fit will with the list of already announced films:

  • X-Force (Exp. 2019)
  • X-Men Supernova (Unknown)
  • Gambit (Unknown)
  • The New Mutants (Exp. 2018)
  • Deadpool 2 (2018)

With the comic series Blue & Gold being the "return to the quintessential X-Men", it gives Fox a lot of flexibility to develop any number new films. And if we're honest, they definitely need to rebuild their main Universe.

Instead of repeating the slightly boring decade-based-time-jump films that we've seen since X-Men: First Class, this new line of comics with fresh creative teams could pave the way for more of a renaissance to the film franchise, similar to what and have shown is possible by creating new and refreshing venues for the X-Men to interact with the world they are in.

What do you think, would Fox be smart to move away from the latest iteration of the franchise that they started with the First Class?


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