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Iron Man is probably one of the most well-known characters from the comics and despite his undeniable success, it didn't hinder Marvel in giving some kind of character renovation in the name of Riri Williams.


For those who still have no idea who Riri Williams is, she is a 15-year old girl with genius-level intellect. She is a skilled inventor, engineer and a wunderkind student from MIT who designed a suit similar to the Iron Man using the materials she stole from campus. Tony Stark heard of her accomplishments using the re-engineered Iron Man suit and even endorsed her decision to be a superhero. Taking the name "Ironheart", Riri made her first appearance in the The Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 #10 as part of the All-New, All DIfferent Marvel.

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to age and evolve, replacements for the familiar characters of the franchise is going to be quite an obligatory. Rather than recasting actors like , Marvel seems to have made a way for Tony Stark to pass on the torch to a younger hero.

And since having an MCU version of Riri Williams is the only way to deliver such story, Artist Boss Logic has unveiled his latest fan-casting image - the pop star singer as the Ironheart.

Evidently this is some wishful thinking as the whole point of Riri's character in the comics is some sort of a girl wonder. Rihanna is already in her late twenties so casting her would be like another Andrew Garfield, portraying a character way beneath their actual age, and if Tom Holland taught us something, it's that youth is better being played onscreen by an actual youth.

However, Rihanna goes by the nickname "Riri" and her physical appearance is similar to Riri Williams, so if ever this casting could become a possibility, it would be another high-profile casting to spark debates online!

So, what do you think about Rihanna as the MCU's Ironheart? Is she the only girl for the role or does she still need to work work work work work for it?


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