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Netflix's Luke Cage, which begins streaming September 30, is the third entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Netflix shows. We already know a lot about Luke Cage, having seen him in seven episodes of Marvel's Jessica Jones. Despite the fact that we have already seen him, we don't know a great deal about this character. To add to that, Netflix has already dropped a teaser for Marvel's The Defenders, which features Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and a yet unseen Iron Fist. In anticipation of the series starting, here are questions that the show should address.

5. Will There Be A Full-Blow Origin Story About How Luke Cage Got His Abilities?

Photo: Marvel Entertainment
Photo: Marvel Entertainment

We have already seen Luke Cage's powers on Jessica Jones. Superhuman strength and unbreakable skin are pretty interesting powers, but will there be a fully drawn out origin story? There does not need to be a full backstory here — a simple flashback will do, much like we saw in Jessica Jones (although it did not explain how she got them, and left it up in the air for Season 2 to follow up on).

In the comics, Luke Cage gets his powers in a prison experiment gone wrong. Going back to a previous point, Marvel should definitely show this in a flashback because the whole prison thing is a driving force of the character, and to further define his powers in the MCU. Plus, fans have grown tired of origin stories — a flashback is perfect for introducing these into the television series.

4. How Connected Are The MCU Television Shows?

Photo: Marvel Entertainment
Photo: Marvel Entertainment

This is another question that will be important in defining the MCU television franchises as a whole. Think back to Phase I of the MCU — the films shared some similarities (mostly Robert Downey Jr.), but the universe did not really feel connected until the end of Phase 1 when The Avengers tied the whole universe together. Going by both seasons of Daredevil and the lone season of Jessica Jones, the universes have not had many shared aspects, aside from Claire (who will also be on Luke Cage) appearing at the end of Jessica Jones and Jeri Hogarth offering Foggy a job at the end of Daredevil Season 2. What makes Marvel's television shows different from their movies is that Luke Cage had a prominent role in Jessica Jones before getting his own show. What aspects will be carried over? Will there be more mention of what happens in the movies (don't forget that the events of The Incredible Hulk occur in Harlem)? These are the questions that Marvel needs to address with Luke Cage.

3. Will We See Iron Fist At All?

There have been scant rumors about Danny Rand/ Iron Fist's appearance on Luke Cage. These rumors are no surprise. The two share a long history in the comic books, first teaming as Power Man and Iron Fist, and later Heroes for Hire. Another thing adding fuel to the rumor fire was the timing of Finn Jones's rumored casting as Iron Fist. While the casting was not confirmed until much later, the timing would coincide with his ability to appear as Iron Fist on Luke Cage. What makes it interesting, however, is the Iron Fist trailer seems to be hinting at an origin story (see below). Look for there to be an Easter Egg or maybe a reference or two to Danny Rand, but he likely won't be Iron Fist during the events of Luke Cage, if these rumors of his inclusion in the show are true.

2. How Much Lead Into The Defenders Will Luke Cage Have?

Photo: Marvel Entertainment
Photo: Marvel Entertainment

Marvel has already somewhat put its cards down for The Defenders. Stick is our narrator, which means that the plot of the miniseries is likely to center around the Hand. Remember that shocking scene at the end of "Stick" in Daredevil Season 1, when a mysterious man who's back is to the camera asks Stick if Matt Murdock will be ready when the doors open? Seems like it could be referencing The Defenders. Because of the fact that Stick is a completely unrelated character to Luke Cage, it is unlikely that there will be a whole lot of plot information about The Defenders doled out in Luke Cage, but expect there to be talk of these heroes getting together in case of an emergency. Claire, after all, has tended to all three of them and could serve to unite them when The Defenders rolls around.

1. Will Foggy Met His Maker During The Events Of Luke Cage?

Photo: Marvel Entertainment
Photo: Marvel Entertainment

To say it nicely, Foggy isn't the most popular character in the MCU Netflix series. Many people, including Nick Fury himself, would like to see Foggy pushing up daisies. Foggy is no doubt an extremely controversial character who really does not fit into the vibe of the show, but don't expect him to take a dirt nap. After all, he did just get hired by Jeri Hogarth. You can hold out hope all you want, but don't expect it.

Those are five questions that Luke Cage should address. Given the strength of the MCU's Netflix series so far, expect Luke Cage to be up there with them. You should also expect it to be a bit more stylized than either Daredevil or Jessica Jones. We already know each episode will be titled after Gang Starr songs, not to mention the amazing shot of Mahershala Ali standing in front of the famous Notorious BIG poster in which the crown is directly above his head. Expect there to be a lot of references to New York hip-hop. There is certainly a lot to be excited about for the third entry in the Netflix MCU series.

Marvel's Luke Cage will be streaming all episodes on Netflix on September 30, 2016.

What would you like to see Luke Cage address? Are you excited for the show? Let me know in the comments!


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