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Now, while Marvel Studios' ever-expanding grows more diverse with each passing year, there are still a lot of intriguing corners of the comic book universe that seem a long, long way from hitting the movie adaptation jackpot.

Take Hector "White Tiger" Ayala, for instance. Despite being the first Puerto Rican hero in comic book history — and Marvel's very first superhero of Hispanic descent — Ayala has found himself largely replaced as White Tiger in the comic books by his many successors, including his little sister Ava Ayala. What's more, with Ava in particular having received a whole lot more mainstream attention than Hector, the magic-amulet-sporting hero's chances of hitting the big screen seem distinctly slim. So it's nice to see that...

White Tiger Just Got His Own (NSFW) Fan Film, Featuring A This Is Us Star

Specifically, the fan film (above) features This Is Us and star Jon Huertas, who took it upon himself to make and star in an unofficial, not-for-profit short based on his favorite . However, as he told The Wrap, it's not simply a vanity project:

“As a mainstream actor who happens to be Hispanic, I feel it’s time for someone to develop an adult male comic character. It’s time, and in my opinion it’s taken far too long.

"The White Tiger belongs to Marvel, so I can only take it so far, but I wanted to at least do a fan film or proof of concept based on my favorite Marvel character and the one I’ve always related to the most.”

Which is, of course, a noble goal at the best of times — but as Huertas points out, these are not the best of times:

“In today’s current political and social climate, it’s not only time for Hollywood to do a character or story like the ‘White Tiger,’ it’s a responsibility,”

Even if Marvel doesn't get around to bringing Hector Ayala to the screen for a while, at least we'll always have Huertas's take on the hero.

Still want more awesome superhero-themed fan films? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you reckon? Would you like to see more of Huertas's White Tiger? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image: Marvel Comics; Source: The Wrap; Yahoo! TV; CBR]


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