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After a slew of successful adaptations of its live-action classics in the past three years, Disney is gearing up to bring Aladdin to the big screen. The film will be directed by Guy Ritchie, and it has so far rounded up an impressive cast consisting of Will Smith as the lovably goofy Genie, Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Jasmine. Now, the House of the Mouse has found the film's main baddie.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that 34-year-old actor Marwan Kenzari is in negotiations to star as , the ambitious Grand Vizier of Agrabah, hellbent on climbing the ranks and taking control of his city –– by all means necessary.

'Ben-Hur' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'Ben-Hur' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

(It's important to note that his casting as Jafar isn't a done deal. However, it will most likely happen, because we often hear about this type of negotiation when an actor is close to signing.)

already has some impressive roles under his belt, having worked in films such as 2017's The Mummy, the 2016 Ben-Hur reboot, and he's also starring in the highly-anticipated . Something I find curious about his casting is how young he is. In the animation, Jafar is a much older man, but the film will clearly go for a younger version, which is really exciting. It's always nice to get those twists on classic characters.

Unfortunately for the ambitious bad guy, there's one more character who'll probably help Aladdin and Jasmine in their quest to stop Jafar: THR is also reporting that Nasim Pedrad (Saturday Night Live, Despicable Me 2) has joined the movie as an original character named Mara, a handmaiden and close friend to Jasmine.

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

Kenzari seems like a great choice for the role, so hopefully the deal goes through and we see him trying to take over Agrabah once Aladdin hits theaters.

What do you think about the casting of Jafar? Do you feel a young version of him will work? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]


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