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The Disney live-action panel at the D23 Expo is currently underway and showcasing every live-action project that's currently in production from Disney Studios. One of those projects is the highly anticipated Mary Poppins Returns.

The cast and crew all gathered together to promote the movie, and while a teaser trailer was shown to those in attendance, it has yet to make its way to the internet. However, Disney did release a motion poster for the movie, featuring in full costume as Mary Poppins.

will feature a star studded cast, including Blunt as the titular character. She will be joined by as Lamplighter Jack, as well as original Mary Poppins alumni, as Mr. Dawes Jr.

Miranda completely geeked out last month about getting to work with van Dyke, a lifelong idol:

“Imagine how cool you think Dick Van Dyke is, and double that — that’s how cool he was. I wish I had as much energy as he has now at 91 than I do at 37. But he was just running laps around us. I’d see the little kids being tired, and there’s Dick Van Dyke running. The greatest acting challenge was just being in it with him during the scene because he’s Dick Van Dyke.”

Emily Blunt also acknowledges the huge shoes she has to fill in replacing the equally venerated Julie Andrews. While excited for the role as , Blunt admits it will be hard to do any better than Andrews did in the 1964 version of the movie, saying, "No one is going to out-Julie Andrews Julie Andrews."

Mary Poppins Returns is set to hit theaters Christmas 2018.


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