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Grab a plate of pasta, my friends, because we have a lot to discuss regarding the Season 2 finale of Master of None. After a year-and-a-half-long break since Season 1, served up a masterful second season of his semi-biographical series telling a tale of love and heartbreak.

Note: Spoilers follow for Master of None Season 2.

After the whirlwind romance and breakup with Rachel (Noel Wells), Dev (Ansari) decided to pick up his life and move to Italy to learn how to make pasta. The second season begins in Italy where he is working for a family, learning the craft and seemingly fitting in perfectly. His Italian friendships carry over after he makes his way back to New York City, specifically with Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi), a charming young woman who also happens to be engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Pino (Riccardo Scamarcio), and happens to be travelling to NYC for a month.

The season takes on dating apps, family relationships, career changes and religion, but Dev's budding relationship with Francesca takes center stage by the end of the season.

Even though Dev tried to suppress his feelings towards Francesca, the truth bubbled up while they were thousands of feet above New York City on a helicopter tour. Francesca could not deny that she was also having similar feelings, but her engagement and life back in Italy were major roadblocks. Talking it out also didn't seem to solve anything; Dev felt used by Francesca's constant requests to hang out while in the city.

Which guy she chose was revealed in the season's final scene — but it may not be as simple as we had hoped.

What Exactly Happened At The End Of Season 2?

The ending sequence includes a disappointed Dev pacing around his apartment while Francesca is looking at old videos of them spending time together in New York. Her fiance Pino enters the room all packed, asking her if she is ready to go — and then the scene fades to black. But then we get a brief scene of Francesca lying in bed alongside Dev in his darkened apartment.

So we got a happy ending? Possibly not.

The scene might excite the fans who were rooting for Dev and Francesca to take a chance at a relationship, but that is until you take a deeper look into it. Francesca is lying there wide awake; she turns her head toward Dev and they silently stare at each other. Could this mean they are both having second thoughts about the choice? They certainly do not look like a couple who finally have the freedom to be together.

The scene almost feels dreamlike and might make you question the reality of the situation being shown. Dev also just proclaimed to Arnold (Eric Warheim) that it might not even be about Francesca specifically, but about the desire to have that deep connection with someone again. There's sure of a lot of pressure on the two of them for this relationship to work, considering how much Francesca gave up.

'Master of None' [Credit: Netflix]
'Master of None' [Credit: Netflix]

Master of None has never strayed away from the realities about love and dating, so there is no reason the series would sugarcoat Dev and Francesca's predicament. This not the kind of show to wrap up with a fairytale ending, and the two undoubtedly have a rocky road ahead of them — but hopefully we get a third season to witness their journey as a couple.

How Does The Cast Interpret The Ending?

Some viewers might be disappointed with the ambiguous ending, but it seems like that was Aziz Ansari's way of letting fans make up their own minds. When speaking to EW about the mysterious ending, Ansari had this to say:

“I kind of wanted to leave it ambiguous and leave it open to people’s interpretation. I’ve heard some people say it’s a dream, other people say things are going to work out, things are going to be horrible. I want it to be an ending that you have your own interpretation of.”

Alessandra Mastronardi added that there were multiple endings filmed. When the season was released on Netflix, she wasn't even sure which one Ansari decided to use. The ending is question is her favorite because it shows the Francesca's ongoing internal struggle — and that love is not simple. It was a painful decision either way, so there is no winning situation in her mind; there is a lot of sacrifice with love, as we all know.

One alternate ending included Dev on a plane, much like the Season 1 finale, but this time it was to go see the woman whose number he had lost early in the season. Although an interesting turn of events, Ansari and fellow writers felt that the character may have been forgotten at that point and they needed to focus on Dev and Francesca, no matter how viewers interpret their fate.

Season 2 of Master of None is currently streaming on . There is no word yet regarding a Season 3, but keep your fingers crossed!

What did you think about the ending of Master of None's second season? Tell us below in the comments!

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