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Alex Scorseby

Put your anxieties away and join Aziz Ansari for a casual ride in Italy.

As you can tell, that video is to announce Master of None season 2, which premieres on on May 12.

We know part of the season will follow Ansari's character, Dev, on a trip to Italy. That's not insider info – the first season (spoiler) ended with Dev on a flight out of the States. He'll eventually make his way back to New York City, however. This footage makes the show look like a more familiar sort of comedy than the show was in its first season, but don't be fooled: Master of None season 2 will be just as personal and intimate as the first season.

In fact, that's a big reason for the delay in releasing Season 2, which will hit Netflix 18 months after the show first premiered – an unusually long wait for a Netflix return. Ansari said last August,

The show was so personalized, we dumped our heads into this, we just needed to be people and live our actual life. This show isn't the type of show where we're going to be able to just turn around and turn it in right away. We covered so much stuff in season one and wanted to make sure the ideas we had in season two were equally interesting and the episodes were just as ambitious. So we took a long break, and that's why season two hasn't come out yet.

Those months went by quick, however, just like an afternoon scooter cruise through the countryside. Now we're ready to catch up with Dev in May.

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