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Brian Salisbury

Be forewarned, America: 80s pop culture shall never die as long as there is a Hollywood. Case in point, the departure of director should have by all rights killed the Masters of the Universe reboot, but it seems the project has found its rejuvenating sword and held it aloft exclaiming triumphantly, "I have a writer!" That's right, according to THR, , co-writer of Disney's The Lone Ranger has signed on to pen Colombia's updated version of the 80s cartoon/Mattel toy line. Mattel, by the way, is co-producing the film. Rossio will try to succeed where , , and have already apparently come up short.

I am an unabashed fan of Masters of the Universe. I played with the toys, I watched the cartoon, and to this day I find myself thoroughly enjoying the 1987 film. So if another major studio is hellbent on adapting another 80s franchise, then I'm all kinds of on board for another trip to Eternia. In fact, the very idea that this version will be set almost entirely in Eternia as opposed to making the dimensional crossover to Earth like they did in that last Masters of the Universe movie: Thor. No, I kid.

I was excited about Jon Chu directing it, because of his apparent unbridled passion for the property. However, I maintained a lingering enthusiasm for the reboot after his exit due to my own history with it. However, the last thing that would ever spike my excitement for a new Masters of the Universe is the hiring of one of the writers of the lifeless Lone Ranger.

Am I wrong? What do you guys think?


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