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Mark Newton

Although horror films aren't usually the stuff of Cannes, Matador Pictures has just announced a new slate of six films out of the film festival.

Included in the list are two fairly interesting sounding zombie extravaganzas written by Paul Gerstenberger. Now, details at the moment are still extremely slim, in fact we only have a sentence long description of each film. Despite this, I'm sure you'll get excited.

First up is Plague of the Undead, an action film co-written with Orlando Cubitt and "set in the dark ages". Next is Zafari, a co-production with Nick Gillot which "takes place in a zombie safari resort where guests pay money to shoot the undead".

According to Matador founder and CEO Nigel Thomas, both movies should go into production in late 2013.

What do you think? Do any of these movies sound interesting to you? Let me know below.


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