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News that The Matrix will be rebooted has thrown a glitch in the lives of fans who would rather discover their whole world has been a lie than to see their favorite film butchered onscreen. While it's not been confirmed yet whether Keanu Reeves or the Wachowskis will be involved in the revival, it seems like most fans would rather take the blue pill and stick with The Matrix that they know and love.

'The Matrix' Universe Has Been Expanding Long Before The Reboot Was Announced

However, fans should bear in mind that this isn't the first time Warner Bros. have extended The Matrix Universe. Following the unprecedented success of the first movie, a series of video games and comic books told parallel stories that explored the Matrixverse (!?) in more detail, running alongside the central film trilogy.

These spin-offs achieved varying degrees of success, and most fans would argue that the best of the bunch was The Animatrix, a unique American-Japanese co-production that consisted of nine animated shorts based in the world of The Matrix. Although some notable figures from the world of anime were enlisted to expand this universe, the Wachowskis also took the time to write four of the shorts themselves, some of which delved into the original war between man and machines that started the whole franchise.

Rather than simply reimagining everything that's come before, could The Matrix reboot take inspiration from The Animatrix instead, exploring hitherto unseen areas of the Matrixverse? Take the red pill and join us as we dive deep into the rabbit hole to uncover how this reboot could be one of the best Matrix movies yet.

Here's How 'The Matrix Reboot' Should Draw Inspiration From 'The Animatrix'

First things first: No one wants a direct remake of The Matrix. Love it or hate it, Keanu's first stint as Neo remains one of the most influential sci-fi films of all time, and any attempt to replicate that success will bomb harder than the machine's attack on Zion.

The Animatrix [Credit: Warner Bros.]
The Animatrix [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Fortunately, The Animatrix proved that there's far more to The Matrix than just Neo and Morpheus popping pills in slo-mo. 'The Second Renaissance Parts 1 & 2' were heavily focused on how the machines took over, but the rest of the shorts took the general concept of The Matrix and ran with it. They explored entirely new scenarios based around humanity's plight, trapped within the machine's simulated reality.

Whether we follow the boy who somehow discovered the truth about The Matrix in 'Kid's Story' or the PI who was tasked with hunting down Trinity in 'A Detective Story', shorts within The Animatrix could be expanded or drawn upon for a feature length adaptation, one that sidesteps any awkward overlap with the original trilogy. Failing that, Warner Bros. should just follow the general concept behind The Animatrix, creating a completely new idea set within the Matrixverse that contains only a passing nod to the likes of Neo and Agent Smith.

The Animatrix [Credit: Warner Bros.]
The Animatrix [Credit: Warner Bros.]

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However, if Warner Bros. take the sensible route and avoid a direct remake, they're more likely to explore new chapters in The Matrixverse that are directly linked to the original trilogy. Remember how The Animatrix short, 'Final Flight of the Osiris', acted as a direct prelude to Matrix Reloaded? Think Rogue One, but instead of naming the film 'A Star Wars Story', we could be looking at 'A Matrix Story' instead.

If Warner Bros. are smart and explore one of these options, then The Matrix reboot could be the best Matrix film we've seen since... well, The Matrix. Now try getting your head around that!


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