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Through behind-the-scenes looks at films and press-tour interviews, the idea of Hollywood is often romanticized as a welcoming business to any aspiring actor with a vision to entertain the world. In reality, it's a harsh environment to first get into, and then in which to become popular and remain relevant.

This predicament got me thinking about an actor who new performers could look up to and learn from in order to succeed in the business. The one who popped into my head is an actor who has the characteristics to be the perfect template, one of my favorite actors: .

We often look at stars like Brad Pitt or Tom Hardy as the faces of entertainment success but I wanted to highlight Matt (who, despite his incredible talent, hasn't had the time in the spotlight he deserves) and what aspiring young actors can learn from him to succeed in this ever-growing industry.

Be Patient And Stay True To Who You Are

Credit: USA Network
Credit: USA Network

Success - especially in Hollywood - doesn't come easy. Matt stole our hearts playing Neal Caffrey in White Collar, won a Golden Globe for his gut-wrenching performance in The Normal Heart, showed us his dangerous side in The Nice Guys and has an upcoming TV show, The Last Tycoon.

But it was a hard road for him to get all those credits to his name. He started working on TV in the year 2000 and his first film role was not until five years later, in Flightplan. He was in line to play in JJ Abram's Superman Flyby but the project ultimately fell apart. He was also in the shortlist of actors for Christian Grey in , but Jamie Dornan was cast instead. There can be plenty of opposition to encounter when trying to make a name for yourself in the entertainment industry, which can make the attractive bright lights of fame seem farther away than ever. But no matter how long it takes you to get where you want to be, never feel discouraged and never feel the need to change your essence to achieve success. Matt said this during an interview with The Daily Beast:

"I can safely say that I had an incredibly difficult and trying past growing up and trying to be an artist and standing up as who I am in this world. A lot more than probably a lot of artists out there today. So while I feel that I have a great reservoir to draw from as an actor for lots of different roles, it is difficult because it can be an industry where it’s people’s jobs to thin-slice you really quickly and try to fit you into a niche in the market."

He broke away from being typecast thanks to his talent as an actor and by staying patient for the right opportunities and most importantly, by staying true to himself. The latter organically helped him use his status to be an advocate of and provide a voice for the gay community, whether through his powerful performance in George in 2016 and his role in The Normal Heart, or through his collaboration with organizations like Out of the Closet.

He broke away from the standards that are many times set to fit actors in a specific category and crafted his own brand around his values and who he is as a person. Patience will make the right project come along eventually, and staying true to yourself will keep you sane and healthy.

Keep Your Humility Intact

Credit: USA Network
Credit: USA Network

It seems that every day we hear about a celebrity losing their cool and going berserk in public. Being famous might make being rude to others a much easier and appealing task than it is for the average person, but it doesn't make it okay. It's just a sign that your job title has gotten way up there in your head or that the stress of being in the public eye is getting to you and it's time to take a step back for a while.

Now, you may be saying, "But Franco, there are times when a celebrity can justifiably get fed up with something and lash out." And you'd be right. Yet, such situations can and should be handled with dignity and humility. Here's a great example: While doing press for Magic Mike XXL, a reporter asked Matt if he thought the gay community was harder to please than other types of viewers.

The question could understandably make anyone feel offended or angry, but Matt kept his composure and answered:

"I don't know. I mean, why would I ever try to boil down an entire community into a 'yes' or 'no"' question? That's like, would you feel comfortable if I said 'are women harder/easier to please?' I think one of the things you learn from this movie is that everybody is different and it's all about a communication and dialogue between individuals and get rid of the labels, get rid of the shame, get rid of the stigmas and just be your most authentic self."

It was a simple and effective answer that in no way required him to act like a douche. It showed his humility. To this day, I have yet to find footage of him being disrespectful to others; that speaks volumes about the kind of person he is, and - if you follow his example - about who you are and the type of celebrity you will become. Never lose your elegance and remain humble; that will ensure you the respect of your peers, which goes a long way toward a healthy career.

Varied Talents Are A Plus

Matt Bomer in 'Glee' [Credit: Fox]
Matt Bomer in 'Glee' [Credit: Fox]

I remember being blown away when I heard Matt Bomer sing It Only Takes A Moment, for the first time. It took be completely off-guard because I never imagined he had such an amazing voice.

And he kept my jaw on the floor with his singing-dancing skill combo in and . It's great when actors possess more than one ability; it gives us as viewers a sense of satisfaction by showing us that they care about standing out and leaving their mark in such a crowded business.

Now, I am aware that not all of us have a great singing voice or dance moves to impress people at wedding receptions, but that's not the point: Take advantage of the talents you have at your disposal, whether it's an ability to draw or play an instrument. If you possess talents, as an aspiring actor, don't be afraid or embarrassed to put them on display, they'll give you a wider scope in the industry.

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Matt Bomer is truly an amazing and inspiring talent whose personality and traits open themselves to be followed. Obviously, you always have to be authentic and find your own voice, but taking inspiration from an outstanding individual never hurts.

[Source: The Daily Beast]


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