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One of the reasons why we're so excited for director 's Elysium is that we know he can tackle class warfare. His epic, exciting District 9 was a breath of fresh air full of action, emotion, and a perfect fusion of sci-fi and body horror. Whereas someone like mostly missed the mark in Land of the Dead, Blomkamp was spot on in discussing and dissecting fictionalized segregation.

The latest Elysium trailer focuses on these different sects of society - the rich who live in a fortified ship away from the poor on a ravaged Earth - and what our hero is going to do about it. From what we've seen, he seems like a reluctant hero, which will hopefully make his character more compelling when we're able to inhale this with our eyeballs when its released in August.

The more and more I'm seeing of this, the more I'm getting some serious Mass Effect vibes. Be sure to stay tuned this Friday when the full-length Elysium trailer drops.

Check out the Elysium trailer here:

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