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Brian Salisbury

One of the interesting things about the evolution of the Bourne film franchise is that the fourth installment found a way to not only seamlessly insert a new character under the Bourne flag, but also leave the door open for original franchise headliner, , to return. Follow the breadcrumbs through the last couple years of interviews with Damon--before, during, and after the release of The Bourne Legacy--and you'll hear varying levels of enthusiasm at the idea of coming back to the role, and almost always in conjunction with a mention that his return would be contingent on the rehiring of , who directed the second and third movie in the series.

Now it appears things have moved from the hypothetical stage to an action plan. Twitch is reporting that Universal is currently in negotiations with both Damon and Greengrass to return to the franchise. Despite there being no finalized deal at the moment, Universal is purportedly working very hard to secure both parties, as they are well aware that they have to get both actor and director here to make it work. Twitch also mentions that even if this new Jason Bourne movie comes together, it will not effect the Bourne Legacy followup with once again playing Aaron Cross.

I'm excited at the prospect of Damon returning as Jason Bourne, but I really don't understand the necessity, should this come to fruition, to continue with the Aaron Cross. But then, I didn't care much for The Bourne Legacy in the first place.

What do you guys think?


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