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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The 2016 Emmy awards were awesome for a lot of reasons. Sarah Paulson finally got her Emmy (on her sixth nomination!), the Stranger Things kids adorably handed out PB&J sandwiches, and Game of Thrones broke Emmy records with the most awards ever.

One moment that stuck in the craw of an otherwise glittering ceremony was the following interaction between Matt LeBlanc and Emilia Clarke, in what the majority of commenters are calling "creepy" (check out the moment on camera below). When asked if he watches Game of Thrones, LeBlanc responded,

"I saw the first season and I kinda fell out of touch with it, so… and I guess that’s when she started getting naked, so yeah, I need to catch up."

It's a shame that the moment was awks, as the last time Emilia Clarke and Matt LeBlanc met was totally adorable. Still, the press verdict is fairly unanimous. Here's what observers are saying, ranging from "awkward to downright "creepy."

Well, that was awkward. — Page SixThings got weird. — US MagazineMatt LeBlanc telling Emilia Clarke he should continue watching GoT because "she gets naked" gets 10/10 creep factor from us. — UpworthyMatt LeBlanc could do with picking up some tips from Joey Tribbiani. The former Friends star tried his best to flirt with Emilia Clarke at the Emmys and things got very awkward indeed. — The Metro

(Source: E!)
(Source: E!)

If LeBlanc had been face-to-face with Clarke, he may have been forced to remember she is a human woman and therefore he should not say things like this — HitFixMatt LeBlanc Made A Really Gross Comment About Emilia Clarke... awkward sexist word-vom. — CosmopolitanMatt LeBlanc has officially taken on the role of your creepy drunk uncle — Refinery29The exchange was awkward and everyone got creeped out — Celebuzz

After initially cutting away (to save embarrassment for Matt, or for Emilia?), the camera returned to Emilia Clarke, who brushed the whole thing off like a pro, even though presenter Giuliana Rancic was clearly a little bothered. What do you guys think?


Matt LeBlanc's comment was...

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