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Never lose your sense of play. That's life hack everyone can benefit from, and one that geeks are particularly good at. We always find time to let our inner child come out and play. It could be playing video games with friends, or going to see a horror movie even though we know it's going to keep us from getting a decent night's sleep.

Voice actor Matt Mercer knows this life secret well. You may not recognize Mercer walking down the street, but I bet just a couple seconds of his voice would be enough for hardcore gamers to recognize Mercer as the voice behind McRee in and Leon S. Kennedy in the games.

During a recent SuperNews conversation with Mercer, our host Joe peppered the actor with questions about geek life, video games, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Check out the full interview below:

Yes, he does a few voices. Here are some cool bits of interest from the interview.

3. Matt Mercer Loves Dungeons & Dragons

He just doesn't play Dungeons & Dragons; Matt Mercer lives Dungeons & Dragons. For the past several years, he and bunch of other voice actors would meet once a week to play. They had so much fun, they decided to stream their sessions over the internet. The show is called Critical Role, and already runs over 100 episodes. Mercer acts as Dungeon Master, leading his friends through a world of magic and might. It's a really fun show because you get to hear exactly how the team works together on their epic journeys. (Wonder if he should invite Jennifer Muro on the show?) Once in a while someone will burst out with different voice depending on what is happening during the quest.

2. Playing VR Games With Him Is A Hoot

Remember when Virtual Reality (VR) was supposed to flip the gaming world on its head? Instead the reality is basically a clunky headset delivering crappy graphics. But there's a surprising social appeal to VR – for technology that isolates players, it can be really fun to watch people play. Mercer is excited that the technology has found its way into the consumer hands. He talked about how much fun he had playing Resident Evil 7: Biohazard VR, and how it was even more fun to introduce the game to his friends, and watch them experiencing the gameplay for the first time. Since he already finished the game, Mercer would sneak up on his friends during certain intense scenes and lightly tickle their shoulders or blow across their necks just to watch them freak out.

1. What's His Favorite 'Resident Evil' Game?

If push came to shove, Matt Mercer said has fave Resident Evil game has to be Resident Evil 4. The first game is a close runner-up because it introduced us to the characters and scenario. But Resident Evil 4 was one of the first games to nail the over-the-shoulder first person shooter style of gaming, and the story created a sense of isolation because it was set in a new and very unfriendly location. Of course, you always had to do your best to keep the obnoxious character Ashley alive, but that also added to the game's demands.


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