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Constantine has performed some remarkable feats over the years, but none top the character's resurrection in animated form. As fans already know, actor Matt Ryan starred as the Hellblazer for one season of a live action show before the network decided to pull Constantine from the airwaves.

However, after casting countless spells of our own, fans were finally rewarded this year with news that Constantine would return as an animated show on The CW Seed. Since then though, we've been endlessly chain-smoking while waiting for further developments on the highly anticipated cartoon.

What Does Matt Ryan Know About The Constantine Animated Series So Far?

Fortunately, actor Matt Ryan was on hand recently at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in London, finally updating fans with news on Constantine's return in animated form. Story wise, things remain unclear:

"I've just got the script for [Constantine]. It's big. All I know thus far is that we're going to take very popular Hellblazer story lines and adapt them, working out the exact dates we can do the recording. I'm really looking forward to seeing which comic we will adapt."

While we're still eager for plot specifics, it's reassuring to hear that the Constantine animated series will turn to the Hellblazer comics for inspiration. The live-action show only lasted for 13 episodes, so there's still plenty more stories in old magician yet.

Which Hellblazer Stories Could We See Adapted On The Constantine Animated Series?

During our own interview with Matt Ryan, we asked the star to clarify which stories he would personally like to see explored one day, whether it's in the upcoming cartoon or a live-action revival of the show:

"There are 300 issues of the Hellblazer comic ... There are so many great story lines that I would have loved to have seen us do on the TV show. I would have loved to go to the Dangerous Habits story, but that would have been explored in Season 6 if we had continued. But there are so many great stories to tell, so we shall see."

As comic book fans know, "Dangerous Habits" remains one of the definitive Hellblazer stories. Over the course of six issues, now-legendary writer Garth Ennis explored how Constantine would react when faced with terminal illness, manipulating demons to try and cure his lung cancer. To date, this remains one of the most successful Vertigo comic book runs of all time, so it's heartening to hear that Matt Ryan knows the material enough and may even try to convince the writers to adapt Dangerous Habits in the animated series.

Will The Animated Series Continue As Season 2 Of Constantine?

As little has been revealed yet, fans still can't help but wonder where exactly the animated series will fit in the world of Constantine. On the one hand, it would be gratifying for fans of the live action show to see the story continued in the form of an animated second season. After all, the story explored in the final episode of the show was brought forward quickly once the creators realized that Constantine wouldn't be renewed by the network.

Check out Constantine's last live-action appearance on Arrow below:

However, the success of may lead the cartoon's creators to lead off from there instead, further exploring the relationship between Constantine and Zatanna that was hinted at in the film's final scene. As 's latest animated movie, Justice League Dark was a huge success and Ryan's involvement in the project would certainly help form links between that and the upcoming Constantine series more easily.

Unfortunately, Ryan isn't yet clear on how these various projects will link either:

"I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do with [Constantine] in this context. It was great being him in the Justice League Dark animation because you get to see him interact with Zatanna, Deadman and Batman. Also, what world is it part of? I'm really excited to see what we're going to do."

While we wait for more details to emerge, join us as we turn to the occult and pray that the CW Seed show will become popular enough to reinvigorate the Constantine franchise once more. After all, Vixen starred in her own animated series before making the leap to live-action in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, so we remain hopeful that John Constantine will do the same. Ryan admitted to us that he thought about turning up to the set of Justice League Dark with his signature trench coat on, so perhaps it's only a matter of time before we see this look come to life on our screens again.

Would you like to see the animated series continue where Constantine left off or would you rather a brand new story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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