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Want to know something about Interstellar? Well join the queue because, ironically, we probably know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the upcoming sci-fi epic.

must be a pretty scary guy because hardly any of his cast are willing to discuss the film in any kind of detail - and that even extends to the film's star, . In a recent interview, the Oscar hopeful reiterated what we've heard from his other co-stars, namely that Interstellar is Nolan's most ambitious project yet. In an interview with Variety, he said:

Here’s what I can tell you, It’s the most ambitious thing he’s ever done. And he’s done some ambitious stuff... There’s no fucking around on set. He’s a great problem solver. In that way, he’s very indie. Here’s a guy who could have whatever budget he wants - and we finished shooting early.

Apparently, Nolan also operates a pretty strange casting process. McConaughey continued:

He came up to me and said, 'Mud. I love that movie.’ I sat down with him for about 2½ hours at his house. Not one word came up about Interstellar. I walked out not sure what to think. I mean, he’s not a guy who takes general meetings!

It seems Christopher Nolan isn't the only one to push himself with Interstellar. Co-star also expressed that Matthew McConaughey apparently blew away his fellow thespians with his performance as lead character, Cooper. Indeed, that's hardly difficult to believe considering his recent performances in the Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective.

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