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Tino Jochimsen

As Matt Damon recently said: Matthew McConaughey is on fire!

The actor, who in all probability will soon hold an Oscar in his hands for his performance in Dallas Buyer's Club, has added another intriguing project to his already pretty sweet filmography.

He’ll star in Gus Van Sant’s Japan-set Sea of Trees alongside The Last Samurai-star Ken Watanabe.

The drama follows a suicidal American to the notorious Suicide Forest, situated at the foothills of Mount Fuji. Intent on taking his own life (or lihhhhfe as McConaughey would hiss), he meets a like-minded Japanese man who has second thoughts.

Together the two "begin a journey of reflection and survival" as The Wrap rather wistfully puts it.

Watanabe and McConaughey are both spectacular actors, so I’ll definitely join the two wondering through those misty woods.

My only concern is director Gus Van Sant’s penchant for… well pretentious boredom (see Paranoid Park).

But who would want to miss the McConaissance!


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