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I don't know if there's enough money on this planet that would persuade me to get into a pit with a bunch of cobras — snakes with venom so powerful one swift chomp could result in Elephant Man level swelling, incredible pain, or death. But then maybe I'm just not as YOLO as , who just did exactly that, except he did it for free. For a "buzz." Because the man is hard AF.

Matthew McCrackers, as I will now affectionally call him, was on the hunt for kicks while in Thailand shooting scenes for his upcoming movie Gold — trailer above — in which he plays a man on the hunt for gold in an Indonesian jungle. So he embarked on many "midnight walks through the jungle” during which he spied all “the many different wild animals they had.”

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Explaining the situation to Jimmy Kimmel, McCrackers said that somehow he wound up in the aforementioned cobra pit, sans shoes, in an adrenaline pumping experience that truly tested his resolve. He also said that it wasn't until afterwards that he realized the danger he'd put himself in — noticing that most of the handlers were covered in scars and hearing that “if you get bit, breath slowly. The blood moves slower.” Ummm, no thanks.

Listen to the interview below:

Gold hits theaters nationwide Jan 27.

What would it take for you to jam in a pit with three cobras?


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