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Hollywood might not want to hear it, but Matthew McConaughey has suggested a way for the entertainment industry to deal with the bigoted nincompoop currently leading the United States of America.

In a recent interview with ChannelFi, the award-winning actor lamented the fact that a bonafide idiot is currently in the White House but also urged filmmakers to accept it, all the while trying to find a way to work with him. When the interviewer rightly pointed out that "every single American actor or arty type who come to London dumps on Trump," McConaughey replied:

"Well, they don't have much of a choice."

[Credit: ChannelFi]
[Credit: ChannelFi]

However, he then put forward a very valid and rational perspective on things:

"He’s our president. And it’s very dynamic and as divisive of an inauguration and time that we’ve ever had. At the same time, it’s time for us to embrace, shake hands with this fact, and be constructive with him over the next four years. So, even those who most strongly may disagree with his principles or things he’s said and done — which is another thing, we’ll see what he does compared to what he had said — no matter how much you even disagreed along the way, it’s time to think about how constructive can you be. Because he’s our president for the next four years. At least.”

Admittedly, Matthew is right to say that we should all remain level-headed during this political nightmare and to attempt to find a way to work with Donald, as impossible as that might seem.

In doing so, the actor joins a flood of celebrities that have publicly reacted to the orange-tinged asshat in office. For example, on January 20, Scarlett Johansson, America Ferrera, and Chelsea Handler all participated in the Women's March and many more have also spoke out about the ban on refugees from the Middle East, including Ellen DeGeneres and George Clooney.

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'The Wolf of Wall Street' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'The Wolf of Wall Street' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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