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Matthew McConaughey is indisputably a Hollywood stud, with his rippling muscles and southern drawl, but did you know he has his own Youtube channel? Nope, I didn't think so.

For years, McConaughey's home videos have gone unnoticed, that is until this week when his measly 240 followers rocketed to over 80,000. Pray, what are his videos about? I hear you cry. Well it's not what you'd think, although shoddily filmed on a webcam, the actor uses his vlogs to raise awareness for the charity 'I Am Waters Foundation' that aims to bring an end to homelessness for children. The footage below clearly shows Matthew being humble and selfless in his attempt to help others. Watch the video below for yourselves:

I must say it's completely adorable that Matthew has done something so noble with his time. However, it's not just this sex-bomb who's got a social media skeleton lurking in the cyberspace cupboard. There are many other celebrities who have somewhat unfortunate accounts that they started before they hit the big-time. Let's have a look at some of the most embarrassing posts and profiles from our beloved celebs.

1. Kim Kardashian

Ah Myspace, how we miss thee. You taught us how to take unflattering selfies from ridiculous angles and allowed us to let the world know what 'alternative' music we were listening to.

Although, it now seems that Myspace has left us all with embarrassing evidence of teenage years we'd like to forget. One such celeb to have a cringeworthy profile is the reigning queen of social media, Kim Kardashian. The bootylicious beauty, formerly known as "Princess Kim" proudly sported this pink monstrosity. And let's not forget how silly her friends list was:

I have no doubt Kim and God would have masses to talk about, but more importantly Ray-J made it into the hallowed spot of one of Kim's top friends. I suppose the two have shared a lot together and he did give Kim everything she ever wanted.

2. Tom Hardy

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, what were you thinking? It's hard to look at this then look at all Hardy has achieved without wondering how he managed it. His Myspace profile made me cringe so hard it made my face hurt. The self proclaimed body builder had no shame in posting some of the best (worst) selfies ever known to mankind:

Although I must admit that's an impressive kick, but try as I might I can't quite see down the leg of his shorts, damn.

Tom has everything going on for him here. The trucker hat combined with the camera angle is giving me serious 00's throwback and I'm loving it.

If we ignore the slightly greying of the pants and concentrate on little Hardy underneath, this picture is not as bad as I first thought it was. I have to say though, fair play to the Bane actor as not everyone could have an internet history like this and still be the coolest actor in Hollywood.

3. The Jenners: Kylie And Kendall

As Kylie clears tell the world 'KYLIE ROCKS' and well, you can't argue with that. If you read it on the internet it must be true. We can excuse Kylie for this social media faux pas however, as she was still young and naive— we know you were lying about your age, girl! Kendall it seems was just as eager to let the world know just how awesome she was too:

Kendall or horsegirlkj doesn't hold back in telling us that it's all about her and who are we to disagree seeing as she's graced more runways this fashion week alone than we've had likes on Instagram.

4. Harry Styles

The adorable pop star and heartthrob's posts will warm your very soul. Due to those chubby cheeks and Disney eyes you can see totally see him being the most crushed on boy at school, no wonder he turned into such a sexy young man. Harry even cared so much about his profile that he edited his photos (much like we all did) before he posted:

In a time before filters were even a thing, you were no-one unless you had this as your profile picture.

See also:

5. Darren Criss

Way before Darren had been inducted into the Glee club, Criss and his theatre buddies hit Youtube with this fan tribute to the world of Harry Potter. A Very Potter Musical has had over 12 million views, not bad for some friends just messing around. Watch the opening number here:

6. Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato

Way back when these two lovelies were still the best of friends they had their own show on Youtube. The Disney channel stars boasted 25,000 followers and would take the time to let their fans know what they were up to:

However, not everyone loved the vlogs Lovato and Gomez posted. Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux parodied the two girls in their own youtube show The Miley And Mandy Show:

Claws in ladies, these videos are equally as embarrassing as each other.

Looking back at all these embarrassing celebrity posts has meant I've been trying to see my old social media sites but for the life of me I cannot remember my logins. Therefore, they shall just have to sit dormant until I become famous and someone unearths the horrors of my internet past.


Which celebrity's social media is more embarrassing?

Tom Hardy

Harry Styles

Kendall Jenner


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