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Tino Jochimsen

If you’ve seen Belgian director ’s breakout feature Bullhead, you will, in all probability, have been thoroughly impressed, nay, astonished by the work of its star, .

The towering actor (who gave an equally impressive performance in ’s Rust & Bone) starred as a steroid-abusing brute of a man, who desperately wants to be loved. While I had issues with the film, there is no fault whatsoever to be found with Schoenaerts' performance, which reminds one of the raw work of a younger (Romper Stomper, L.A. Confidential).

It then makes perfect sense that the Bullhead director would want to cast Schoenaerts in his first English language film, The Drop. The crime drama stars the not-to-be-out-bruted as an ex-criminal, who gets dragged back into a life of crime after he rescues a pitbull, who belonged to some sort of pretty unhinged person.

According to The Playlist, Schoenaerts stars in an unspecified supporting role in the adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s eponymous short story. The original girl with the dragon tattoo, co-stars.

Here’s hoping Schoenaerts is put against Hardy in some capacity, so those two powerhouse thesps can have a go at it!


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