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When 's Chronicle came out in 2012, its new twist on the traditional theme of the lonely guy getting superpowers made for an awesome movie. It also raked in a pretty penny at the box office so, naturally, that led to talk of a sequel pretty soon after the movie's release. When Chronicle 2 was announced we were totally stoked, but since hearing that news the process has been slow to say the least, with little recent news until now.

Thanks to writer 's lowdown on the project, we can all calm our fears. Yes, it is still happening. And, yes, it's looking to be just as dark, if not darker than the first:

(via IGN)

My problem with the project would be if they make the sequel for no artistic reason, only a financial one. I realize there was sort of a tease of a sequel at the end with Matt's skyward escape, but I'd rather that just remain a coda. I'm really not sure what story-line potential they can squeeze out of another film.

Are you excited for Chronicle 2?


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