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The new Power Rangers trailer, which dropped at New York ComicCon on Saturday, has proved rather divisive, with a lot of people wondering where the goofy tone of the original has gone. It seems that we have yet another origin story on our hands. Check it out below:

One person who seems to be more pissed off than most is Max Landis, a screenwriter who was fired from developing the screenplay. He claims that they fired him, only to rip off his screenplay for Chronicle. As he says on twitter:

He says that they have ruined his original vision in order to take inspiration from his earlier work:

It seems that this guy doesn't have a filter when it comes to voicing his opinion. A look at his past tweets shows he isn't afraid to say what he thinks. Check out his controversial opinions on;

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  • Batman v Superman:

  • The Box Office

  • And The Current US Election

Mouthing Off On Youtube

It's not just Twitter where Landis feels he needs to be heard. He also has a Vlog on Youtube where he airs his opinion on almost everything, ranging between;

  • Explaining Diversity

  • Gender Equality

  • And This:

He Knows He's Controversial

As he says, regarding the internets response to his opinions, the American Ultra and Victor Frankenstein scribe knows how controversial his opinions can be:

Nevertheless, with a release date of March 24, 2017, we still have five months to see whether or not Landis' claims are true. I'm sure we shall hear more from him between now and then.


Is Max Landis Right To Criticize 'Power Rangers'?


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