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Brian Salisbury

E.L. James' insanely popular novel Fifty Shades of Grey (and I do emphasize the "insane") is on its way to the big screen. At one point was tapped to play tormented billionaire Christian Grey, but he has since departed the project and been replaced by . However, according to Variety, one of Hunnam's Pacific Rim co-stars is now set to come aboard the project.

(also of Captain Phillips and Colombiana) is in negotiations to play Christian Grey's bodyguard. He will join a cast that also includes , , , and as female protagonist Anastasia Steele.

I like Martini a lot. He's one of those actors who you recognize every time you see him, though his name might escape you. Unfortunately, not even his involvement can elicit an ounce of enthusiasm from me regarding this project. The book is a prime example of trash literature selling to a very indiscriminate audience. I am not at all looking forward to that same audience making the movie as undeservedly popular as was the novel on which it is based.

What do you guys think?


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