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One of the most talked about characters in the new Star Wars trilogy is returning. The small space pirate named Maz Kanata may not have played a significant role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but she left an impression among fans of the Star Wars community.

Played by Lupita Nyong’o, the “pirate queen” is known for being a collector of valuable items, such as Luke Skywalker’s former lightsaber. She also runs a popular bar which houses all sorts of traveling smugglers, whether they fight for the Resistance or the First Order. Kanata’s interest in Chewbacca proved to be an interesting tidbit on the backstory between her and Han Solo. With Solo’s death and the destruction of her castle on Takodona, fans have begun to question what her next role would be and if she would play a bigger part. Thankfully, we now have an answer.

Shedding Some Light On Maz Kanata’s Role


Making Star Wars was kind enough to give us more information regarding ’s role in . In fact, most of it revolves around the mysterious character named DJ played by none other than Benicio Del Toro:

“Maz apparently introduces the resistance to DJ. She helps the Resistance by pointing them toward a “mysterious new ally”. Maz has been forced to become more mobile and take more of a role in the criminal underworld.”

While we know practically nothing about this individual, it’s good to know that Maz will have a fairly significant role in this upcoming film. It’s also fascinating to learn that she had previously worked with this character in years past. What we already know of Del Toro’s character is that he’s a mysterious criminal who came from the casino planet of Canto Bight.

It’s no surprise that Maz has these connections with criminals. After all, she ran a bar that was full of them. If anyone knows and understands more about this obscure character, it’s Maz.

Why Could Maz Kanata Be Reaching Out To This Criminal For Help?


It’s likely that the primary reason Maz is asking DJ for help is the massive loss of Resistance forces. DJ could be the person to restock the Resistance army for the continuing battle against the First Order. He may have connections to other criminals working both against the as well as the , similar to Han Solo,

One thing to note about these so-called Bounty Hunters and Smugglers is that they usually work for neither the Empire or the Republic. That was back in the day, so it should be no surprise that the same thing is taking place during the war between the Resistance and the First Order. Therefore, DJ could also be that type of Smuggler who is hired for a purpose and that’s just to get paid to do what he does best. Hopefully as we get closer to the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we will have learned a little more about Benicio Del Toro’s character.

But what do you all think? Do you believe Maz’s role is actually much larger than it first appears? How do you think Del Toro’s character will be involved? Please share what you have to say in the comment section below!



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