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Originally slated for release on February 17, 2017, production for Maze Runner 3: Death Cure was paused indefinitely after the lead actor, Dylan O'Brien, was injured in a motorcycle accident. However, during an interview with franchise star Patricia Clarkson, we learned that the young star is on the mend and the third instalment is now back on track.

When Will 'Maze Runner: The Death Cure' Start Production?

During promotion for her hilarious new indie film called The Party, talk inevitably led to Clarkson's work as the villainous Dr. Ava Paige on the franchise.

The Maze Runner [Credit: Fox]
The Maze Runner [Credit: Fox]

When asked for more information about her role in Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Clarkson revealed to us that production will begin shortly:

“I'm sworn to secrecy. I start soon, go to South Africa, Cape Town. You can't even print the script, its just digital and you have to give a drop of blood [laughs]… thats all I know. It’ll be fun. I love Wes [Ball]... he's fab.”

While it's unfortunate that Clarkson couldn't reveal any more story specifics, the good news is that production on The Maze Runner 3 is set to start any time now, which means that O'Brien and the rest of the gang should manage to complete the sequel in time for its new official release date, January 12, 2018.

What's The Story Of 'Maze Runner: The Death Cure' About?

When Clarkson suggested that Maze Runner 3 will be fun, we assume that she's referring to the production rather than the story itself. After all, Scorch Trials ended with Thomas pledging revenge on the W.C.K.D troops and Clarkson's Dr. Ava Paige after they helped massacre his allies in the mountain haven.

The Maze Runner [Credit: Fox]
The Maze Runner [Credit: Fox]

During an interview with Collider, director Wes Ball did reveal that Death Cure will stand apart from the rest of the trilogy though, explaining that:

"It's gonna be a different kind of an engine, a different kind of genre almost and a different sort of color palette and terrain."

Taking place one year after the previous Maze Runner film, Death Cure will follow Thomas and the few Gladers who remain as they fight to stop the WCKD once and for all, striving to find a cure for The Flare disease in the process.

Check out the Maze Runner: Scorch Trials trailer below for a quick reminder:

While it's likely that Ball's adaptation will deviate from author James Dashner's original source material, we'd be surprised if Death Cure avoids the major death that shocked readers in the book's final act. Those of you who wish to minimize the inevitable shock and pain that this loss will bring should simply give page 250 a quick read. Failing that, you could always just skim over the thousand Maze Runner forums that lament this twisted exercise in torture.

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We may still have a while to wait before Maze Runner: The Death Cure hits our screens, but in the meantime, re-watch the old films and then get lost in 's unforgettable performance from The Party instead. If you think Dr. Ava Paige tells it like it is, wait until you see how fierce Clarkson can be in Sally Potter's dinner party from hell.


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