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We suggest that you check your maps and prepare a trail of breadcrumbs, because we are heading back into the labyrinth for Wes Ball's Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Continuing to buck the trend of Young Adult obsession, the concluding chapter of the movie series rounds off James Dashner's book saga of the same name.

Starting in 2014, the first Maze Runner film starred the likes of Dylan O'Brien, Will Poulter, Patricia Clarkson, and Kaya Scodelario to take the sci-fi world by storm. Continuing in 2015 with The Scorch Trials, Ball ends his trilogy with the threequel next year. After some major setbacks on the set, The Death Cure has finally unveiled its first-look trailer to fans.

What's At The Middle Of The Maze?

While some YA franchises like Mortal Instruments and Divergent always seemed destined for an early grave, the likes of Twilight and The Hunger Games cashed in on the romance and revelations that continue to pull us to cinemas in droves. It is no surprise that 20th Century Fox has opted for a rather Hunger Games-esque vibe for the Maze Runner finale. The movie may have got slightly lost in its own maze, and production was delayed by over a year, but fans of the Maze Runner franchise will be relieved to see the world of the Gladers back on track.

The stakes are raised as the kids continued to take on the oppressive regime of the World in Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department (WCKD). O'Brien returns as the tenacious Thomas, who is morbidly reminded in the trailer that "you can't save everyone." Thankfully, the 26-year-old was saved from a near-death experience when filming The Death Cure in early 2016. Details are scarce about what happened, but we do know that O'Brien sustained non-life threatening injuries during a vehicular stunt. Thankfully, after some recuperation, the Teen Wolf star returned to complete The Death Cure. Given the Mad Max feel of the trailer with the cars and the train scene, could this be when things went wrong for O'Brien?

The final film sees the surviving team of intrepid teens going back to the start, breaking into a WCKD-controlled death trap of twists and turns known as the Last City. Picking up where Scorch Trials left off, Thomas and co. are still reeling from their betrayal at the hands of Scodelario's Teresa, so expect there to be some strained relationships in Part 3. While trying to rescue their friends from the clutches of the evil organization, the group must also battle with their newfound knowledge of a deadly disease called "the flare." Saving those you love or rescuing humanity from sure annihilation seems to be the order of the day, but will anyone make it to the credits alive?

Even though the trailer is only brief, it does its best to showcase that The Death Cure will have more danger than ever before, and in particular hones in on that high-speed train stunt. Notice that the trailer also features old footage of Game of Thrones star Aidan Gillen as Janson from Scorch Trials. Although Gillen is clearly spotted in the trailer, IMDb doesn't feature him on The Death Cure's cast list and it is currently unknown whether the actor will reprise his role for the final installment. Either way, there is plenty of A-list talent to close the book on the Maze Runner movies, and The Death Cure hopes to be an action-packed swansong to the series when it finally hits cinemas on February 9, 2018.


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