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One of the most interesting things in movies is when a new actor takes on a role made famous by a previous actor, especially when the newbie decides to take things in a different direction than the original. Such is apparently the case with X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Fans hoping to see play a very similar Professor X to are going to be disappointed.

The Huffington Post has an awesome interview with McAvoy in which he opens up about what it was like to film Trance, but X-Men fans will be most interested in what he had to say about his portrayal of Charles Xavier and whether or not it will be similar to Stewart's:

Not yet. I think that may come. I mean, who knows? Who knows where it's going to go? That may come in the third movie but definitely not in this movie. We're not in the same place that we were in the first movie with Charles — a very different place from there. But we're also still on a very different place from where Patrick was in the other movies.

McAvoy explained further that he wanted to get away from the selfless, wise, seemingly-infallible character shown in most of the comics and the previous movies, and make the character more human and relatable:

There's a little element in the script in the first couple of pages of Charles' character where he seems like he's sort of picking up a girl in a bar. And I thought, "Let's take that and run with it." I kind of pushed and pushed — to really try to take him as far away from the Professor X that we've seen before in the comics and the cartoon and as portrayed by Patrick in the movies as well — he's kind of like a monk. He's a sage. And he's wise and he's very in control of himself and sort of selfless. I wanted to take him the opposite way — without making him a bad guy. But, make him selfish and a little bit egotistical and all of those things. I think that helped — the fact I wasn't actually trying to do Patrick Stewart in the body of a 30-year-old man. I think if I would have done that, people would have rejected me.

Personally, I've loved this new take on the X-Men movie franchise and have enjoyed seeing the origin stories for so many of the characters. Audiences have tended to focus solely on the mutants of the academy and elsewhere and Professor X has always been a bit of an afterthought, perhaps because his character has always been so detached and cool and reserved. It has been interesting to see how McAvoy makes him more sympathetic and flawed.

Days of Future Past doesn't hit screens until July 18th of next year, so we have a while to wait. Uuuuuugggh, someone make it go faster. In any case, you can click the [[follow]] button and we'll keep you updated on all the news rolling out of the X-Men camp.


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